Your Christmas Movie Horoscope

Ahh who among us has not looked to the stars to know what to expect from our lives? Who is to say that the Christmas season should be any different? Consider this to be your horoscope for the holiday season. Here's how it works: Below is a list of 12 favorite Christmas movies- think of the first one that you saw after Thanksgiving to find out what is to come for the rest of the year.

Charlie Brown's Christmas

You love this time of year! The tree, the lights, the gifts- you look forward to it every year eagerly except for a gentle nagging worry that in the midst of the dance parties and the decoration you might be missing some underlying kernel of meaning to it all. Don't worry- if you ever need to know what Christmas is all about there is always a kid with a blanket to set you straight.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Sometimes feel like a misfit in the holidays: a skinny Santa, a dentist elf, or a red nosed reindeer. It's OK, the important part is being true to yourself even if you don't do things the same way as everyone else. It takes all kinds to make the holidays happen.

A Christmas Carol

You may feel like a Scrooge each time Christmas comes around with so much wild spending and partying, but don't worry: you'll get into the spirit in time. Christmas may dredge up ghosts of past, present, and future for you, but it's only to remind you how important it is to live in the present and to find joy in the present.

It's A Wonderful Life

You love Christmas and you want to do it right- classic, classy, and nostalgic. Your preparations are elegant and organized and you feel assured that Christmas is a time when angels remind us that life is meaningful because of the things that we do for each other even if we sometimes get lost in the confusion of life's little details.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

You don't understand this whole Christmas business. Everyone is just so happy all the time. How do they do it? Sometimes you feel like you're watching it all from a long way away and just want to take all that Christmas nonsense away so everyone can get back to being normal, sensible, people - like you. Just remember, it's not about the trimmings, it's about being with people who are special to you.

A Christmas Story

You long for that one prized gift, but no matter how much you plot and plan, everyone seems to be against you. Never fear, your efforts aren't going unnoticed. If you get into a few scrapes along the way it's best to just roll with the punches and look for the best in life, and keep daydreaming.


OMG Christmas!!! You bound towards Christmas with the enthusiasm of a caffeinated puppy. Let everyone else be grumpy and stressed you LURVE this time of year and take it as your personal mission to bring the spirit with you everywhere you go. Everyone around you is smiling through gritted teeth and waiting for you to stop bouncing off the walls which will probably happen around 9am on Christmas morning.

The Bishop's Wife

Some people might call you old fashioned, you prefer to think of yourself as Classic. You don't mind a little reminder now and then that Christmas has a bit of religion in it and that the most important part of life isn't the grand gestures, but the little things that you do everyday to be closer to family and neighbors.

Bad Santa

You take your Christmas as a double shot on the rocks. You probably don't have children. In fact, you would like to make it through the Christmas season without being forced to wear an ugly sweater, sing a single song, or fall into a sugar induced coma from watching anything that might in any way be appropriate for children.

The Snowman

Christmas? Oh, sort-of, I guess. If you're going to be having any visitors during the night you'd prefer for it to be a pleasant, if chilly, fellow who likes motorcycles and will fly you out over the ocean to an all night party and then melt into the background in the morning.

The Polar Express

You want to believe. You're pretty sure you could still hear that darn bell. You don't ask for much, you know,  just proof of Santa's existence. Late at night when you're lying awake trying to make sure everything is running smoothly you think it would be WAY easier if a train just suddenly came down your street and swept you away to the north pole.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

No one is going to have a bigger, better, Christmas than you- expense be damned! You have the most lights on your house. You have the biggest dreams for gifts. You have the most annoying relatives. Just remember to keep laughing and everything will be fine.

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