The End of The Year (If Not of The World)

The End of The Year (If Not of The World)

As the Year-Of-The-Mayan-Apocalypse draws to a close it is a good time to look back on how far we have come and to start giving some thought to where 2013 will take us. Here is how our year went:

Dark Before Dawn Premiere

We started 2012 off strong with a premiere of our very first feature length film "Dark Before Dawn", starring Pete Garlock and Amy Karen which screened for a full house at the Marcus Theatre in Elgin where the film was shot. Responses were very positive and we began submitting it to festivals across the country and around the world with great optimism.

Shortly after the lights went down on the premiere Blue Damen Pictures took a big step west: which is to say that we have  expanded into two teams- one based in Los Angeles and, of course, our "home team" in Chicago. We love our Chicago roots and plan to continue to do lots of production in the area, but being in Los Angeles has given us a great deal of perspective on The Biz and we hope that will help us to grow and produce bigger, better, and stronger films from here on out.

On the Set of Recalculating

In the early part of the summer we were bustling with the production of another film entitled "Recalculating" written by Jan Kaschner, that we have been developing for several years now. We had the great privilege to work with Chicago character actor Ron Dean as well as US Paralympian Katy Sullivan whose performances were excellent and who simply could not be nicer people. Filming took us to locations all over the far west suburbs of Chicago including the Elgin Public House, the Elgin Centre, Provena St Joseph Hospital (for a scene, not because anyone got hurt) and Muirhead farmhouse. We anticipate the completed film will be premiering in January/February of 2013 and look forward to sharing it with you!

In June we celebrated our 5th birthday as a production company and took a moment to reflect about how far we have come since 2007: surviving the Recession and producing four short films and one feature... not bad for a days work!

As the summer drew to a close we once again were delighted to share good news about "Dark Before Dawn" as we were selected to screen as the closing night film at the United Film Festival: Chicago. It was a great chance to see many old friends and we were so glad to see everyone who came out.

Now that we are in the final days of 2012 we are looking forward with great anticipation to our next project which we are planning. With luck it will be our second feature film and our first comedy. Our official announcement will be coming soon, but be prepared to be transported to a realm where the people speak funny, wear whatever they want and the conventional rules of reality have no meaning: The Renaissance Faire.

Holiday Card

So from all of us at Blue Damen Pictures to all of you who support our projects and who watch our films we wish you the Happiest of New Years and may 2013 be lucky and bright!

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