3 Reasons To Go Out On A Thursday Night

First of all, I'm sure that savvy Scenesters such as yourself are the adventurous sort who love to shake things up from time to time. Fancy cheeses made in Spain? Why not? Coffee that comes in a tiny cup? All the better to taste the sophistication! A movie on a Thursday night? Well, premieres only happen once after all.

My point is that, sure, you probably don't NEED reasons to go out on a Thursday night to see an amazing underground film and maybe bring along a friend. Or twelve. But here are a few good reasons anyway:

Reason #1

We got the celebrities. That's right- the celebrities that you knew before it was cool to know 'em. Our stars of the film: Pete Garlock and Amy Karen will be in attendance AND Gwydhar- the director- will be flying in from California just to be there. Seriously, just for the film. Her visit has nothing to do with starting talks about the next project or seeking out delicious, delicious pierogies.

Reason #2

This is history in the making! What's more, it is history that YOU are a part of in the making! Sometimes it is good to relax and watch some TV, but this is not it: This is the time to Be There. The TV shows will wait- but when else will you have the chance to walk into the Music Box Theatre like you own it and tell everyone "Oh yes, this is the film that I backed- now playing at a Real theatre at a Real film festival".

Reason #3

Thursday is Thor's day. If you don't want a big angry Norseman chasing after you with a hammer you might want to live it up a little in his honor. You know, with quaffing and so on. And maybe a movie. As a matter of fact you might want to get tickets early before the Valkyries snap them all up- but it's OK: you can pre order them here:


So there you have it: and really, with these three arguments can there be any excuse not to come by for the screening? No. There is no excuse.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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