Two of a Kind: An interview with Jay Cramer and Katy Sullivan

Two of a Kind: An interview with Jay Cramer and Katy Sullivan

Good Evening,

Greg Kiernan here again.  This time I'm with Katy Sullivan and Jay Cramer, stars of the latest Blue Damen endeavor "Recalculating."  These two welcomed me, suprised me, and downright inspired me within just a few minutes of meeting them.  I'll get right to it and not waste any more time.

Greg: Good to have you guys.

Jay: No problem.

Katy: Of course.

Jay Cramer on the set of

Greg: So Jay, how did you get involved with all this?

Jay: I'm an actor living in LA.  I'm from Elgin originally and I'm a big Cubs fan.  I went to school at Michigan and moved to LA after I graduated.

Greg: Oh, so you went right away to the coast?

Jay: Yeah.  I moved out with my friends Merlin, Joe and Amy.

Greg: Merlin?

Jay: He's my frat brother.

Greg: Oh, I see.

Jay: But none of them made it when they moved out there.  They wound up moving back.  Merlin only lasted a couple of months.  It's tough out there.

Greg: So I hear.

Jay: Yeah but it's worth it.  You have got to be so devoted and determined it's ridiculous.

Greg: So have you appeared in anything I would recognize?

Jay: I had a role on a "Desperate Housewives" episode.  I've done some theatre, Shakespeare.  I played Nick Bottom which ranks second or third among all of his characters as having the most lines.  Unfortunately there are limited roles for handicapped people in Hollywood.

Greg; Do you do anything else besides act?

Jay: I do stand-up comedy.

Greg: Really?  What kind of jokes do you tell?

Jay: I open with wheeling my chair onto the stage, sitting up straight and saying "I'm a stand-up comedian in a wheel chair!  There's got to be a joke in there some where!"

Greg: That's hilarious!

Jay: Yeah, that usually gets me a few laughs.  I've opened for Adam Sandler, Martin Lawrence, Jon Lovitz and Fred Willard, among others. I've been doing it for about six and a half years now, right after my accident.

Greg: So what happened to you any way?

Jay: It was a rock climbing accident.  There I was hanging by my fingers off a ledge, moving across the rock face.  There was water four feet underneath me so it was actually pretty safe if I fell.  The only thing was there was an opposing rock not too far away from me on the other side of the water.  When it felt like I was going to fall, instead of falling straight down I pushed off with my legs and jackknifed into the other rock, hit my head and shattered my fifth cervical vertebra.  I'm paralysed from my mid-chest down; I can use my arms and a couple of fingers.  But I can still drive a car, with a bar over the steering wheel.  It's great when I get pulled over because the cop comes up to the car, gets a shock and I say "I'm trying my best, officer!"

Greg: That's hysterical!


Katy Sullivan, Ron Dean, and Pete Garlock on the set of

Greg: Now, Katy, where are you from originally?

Katy: Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Greg: Yes, I thought I detected an accent there.

Katy: Yeah I'm from one of the areas in Alabama that destroyed by tornadoes recently.  It was terrible becasue I saw it on the news and my Facebook even before I heard from my family.  I had to call them up to find out what was going on; my father is a doctor and my mother works as a nurse so it was just crazy at all the hospitals.

Greg: I can imagine.  How is work for you?  What have you been working on lately?

Katy: Recently I was in the play "The Long Red Road" at the Goodman Theatre which was directed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Greg:  Really?  What's he like?

Katy: He's super-duper!

Greg: Did you move out to LA right after school also?

Katy: No.  First I lived in St. Louis where I went to school at Webster.  Then I lived in Chicago for a while and I've been in LA now for about eight years.

Greg: So in "Recalculating" you play a girl who learns to walk again after losing her legs in an accident.  What was your accident?

Katy: Uh, no, I was born this way.

Greg: Oops, sorry.

Katy: That's okay.  I was born without legs so I've had to learn to walk on prosthetic legs from the very beginning, since I was little.  Now I'm running in the Paralympics this summer.

Greg: Really?

Katy: Yeah, I won the gold metal last time.  I'm going to Nationals in Indianapolis this June and then the Paralympics in London this August.

Greg: Amazing, really amazing.

Katy: Not only that but Jay and I were in the TV show "Some Assembly Required" on the Discovery Channel.  It was about physically challenged people and what their daily life is like.  But it only lasted for two seasons and got cancelled in 2008.

Greg: That's too bad.  So how did you two meet?

Katy: We actually had mutual friends who wanted to introduce us before his accident.  But we didn't really start hanging out until his physical rehabilitation.  He saw him, talked to him, and I started to walk away when all of a sudden it hit me "Oh my god!  That was Jay!"  I ran back, told him who I was and the friends that knew us.  We've been together ever since, three years now.

Jay: Some people have asked me if I could go back to that rock at that moment and have a chance to take back that mistake, given what has developed between Katy and me since then, would I do it?  My answer is the same: I really don't think I would take it back.

Katy: See that?  That's why I love him.  He has such an amazing perspective on life.

At this point Jay just smiles and nods.  These two shared more than a couple of sweet moments together on the set.  I have to say that it's a match made in heaven; he's hilarious and she's amazing.  This is just one of the reasons why this film will be a success; the interesting characters of the story are played by interesting people.

Well, that's all for now.  Until next time, see you in the movies!


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