The Many Headed Beast

Everybody wants to be a movie star.

Everybody wants to direct.

Everybody wants to write.

My personal favorite is the so-called "Triple threat": someone who wants to write, direct, and star in their own films. It is an ambitious dream and I can appreciate that kind of drive. Well done. But who can do everything by themselves?

Imagine you are an artist and you are going to create a great work. You have Vision. You have Talent. You are willing to Work Hard. The muse is upon you and once you are finished this will be your master-work. Now imagine that you are creating your master work by using angry bees.

This is something like film making.

See the thing that most people forget to consider when they decide that they want to make films- and I am guilty of this myself- is that it is a Team Sport. We like to think of it as an art- like writing a book or painting a picture or composing a song, and in a way it is because it is a combination of all these things. But a film is much bigger than a book or a picture or a song. It is a sum of many small parts like a hive of bees.

The thing about filmmaking is that there are hundreds of ways that it can go wrong- or go right for that matter- and one person can't handle all these details by themselves. These are small things in the way a bee sting is a small thing, but enough of them will bring anyone down.

I think the term "filmmaker" is a deceptive term. It sounds like a singular noun, but it needs to refer to a team: a group of people who work together to take care of the small tasks and decisions and ideas and take the many small steps together to create this work-of-art that we call film. A filmmaker must be a "we" not a "me": a many headed beast working as one. E Plurbus Unum.

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