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We have lift off!

My first blog, that is.  This is Greg Kiernan by the way and this is my first time writing on this platform.  Why, you ask, did a person who has never blogged about anything before decide to try it out now?  Because I have some very exciting news -- I am working with a film production company called Blue Damen Productions and we are getting ready to premiere our most recent film.

Blue Damen proudly presents "Dark Before Dawn" -- two strangers in the night who meet by a chance encounter wind up it the right place at the right time to change each other's lives forever.  The grand premiere is February 9th at the Marcus Theatre in Elgin.  You can follow us on Twitter @BD_DB4D_Movie where you can view tweets from the director and cast members, not to mention the special secret inside info and behind-the-scenes stories.  So check it out now!

Scott Beattie

The premier is not the only piece of exciting news.  Blue Damen also welcomes its latest member to the Board of Directors, Scott Beattie.  Here's what Scottie had to say:

     "It’s been a long hard road getting to where I am, but I think I can say with confidence that it was the road less taken, and it certainly made all the difference.

I’ve been living in the Chicago-land area since 1999, almost 13 years, and haven’t felt so at home since leaving Upstate NY. I love this city and never want to leave.

I’ve been involved in the performing arts since High School.  When I graduated I thought for certain I was going to end up as a professional Theatre Technician, but experience and immaturity led to the decline of that direction. After changing my major six times and my school three times I found myself interested in film. In my very first week at Columbia College Chicago it was clear to me that film is where I belonged.

After two years at Columbia I discovered a fiery passion and undeniable talent in the wood shop. I have never felt such a thrill as walking onto a set and being able to say “I built all that.” My first credited film was “The Knife Throwers Apprentice”, a student Practicum Film at CCC. The Production Designer, Mollie Alexander, was looking for a Construction Coordinator for the film and I volunteered to help. Admittedly I didn’t know I was volunteering to RUN the construction department for her film and was a little intimidated, but I like a challenge and in the end I think we were both happy with the final result. From there it’s been a whirlwind of excitement, frustration, and grim determination. I’ve coordinated two other practicum films and assisted multiple others. I am scheduled to graduate from Columbia in May of 2012 and I look forward to bringing my education into the private sector where I will build some amazing pieces of scenery.

My first experience with Blue Damen was the last night of shooting for the future premiere, Dark Before Dawn. They had asked me to come and observe originally, but staffing issues had me agreeing to operate B camera for the shoot. Talk about jumping in with both feet. The shoot was a 12 hour over night in the city of Elgin, running from one location to the next. By the end I was exhausted but I knew I’d stumbled into something special.  The Blue Damen staff love making films and they mix professionalism and goofiness into everything they do. When they are making a film the forefront of their concern is producing the best possible product, regardless of the budget. They make film because they love it, not because they hope it will make them rich.  Though that would be nice too. What sealed the deal for me was the pure collaborative effort of their film making process. Everything gets discussed in meetings, with the Director, Writers, Producers and Actors all voicing their opinions. The final decision may fall upon the Producers or Director but the voices of all are heard first. That reason alone was enough for me to accept their invitation to their Board of Directors. I know the board is going to add some work onto my already full plate, but it’s clear to me that this group is capable of making some amazing films. I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity."

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  The sky is the limit for Blue Damen Pictures.  Stay tuned for more news and more blogs.  Until next time, see you in the movies!

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