It's A Movie Premiere And You're Invited!

Grand Premiere Poster
Elgin, IL- Blue Damen Pictures is proud to announce the World Premiere of the "Dark Before Dawn" on February 9th at 7:30pm. The film will be showing at Marcus Theatre, located at 111 South Randall Road in Elgin.

The “Dark Before Dawn” is a mumblecore type of film. "This film came about very quickly: our first night of shooting was barely a month after we came up with the concept, and it was a new, stripped down form of production that was very different from anything I'd ever tried before”, Director and Producer. Gwydhar Gebien said. “ I think that actually opened up the kind of story that we could tell, the kind of characters that developed and the spirit of the moments that we were able to capture."

Pete Garlock who played Greg Clemland told us, "Because of its uniqueness as an improvised story, this was definitely a challenge as an actor to work without a script. But I'm amazed how our character's lives paralleled each other’s, and how compelling the story became. The first time I watched the film, I was completely engrossed...and here I had basically helped write it!"

"I really enjoyed the creative freedom we had while working on this film.” Amy Karen who plays Charlotte in the film went on to say, “ A lot of my character's background was inspired by my life & the lives of some of my friends. I mean we got to choose our character names, how cool is that?!"

"Stranded at night in an unfamiliar town, two strangers wait for the morning train. Before the night is over, they both will reveal their darkest secrets- secrets that they've never told anyone else."

Following the film there will be a Q&A with the director and stars in the theatre immediately following the showing. Immediately following there will be the Post-Premiere Party, which will take place at the Tilted Kilt, located at 2300 Bushwood Drive, Elgin. Join the director and stars for drinks specials and appetizers!

Tickets for the Premiere are only $5.00. Tickets purchased for the movie will also serve as your ticket into the Post-Premiere Party. If you would like to just attend the post-party tickets are also $5.00.

For more information on the “Dark Before Dawn” or the Premiere night please visit the website at

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