Wrapping Up The Holidays

It's that time of the year again: the time when temperatures run low and anxiety runs high. Some people are super organized about the holidays. These are the people who buy their gifts months in advance and have them lovingly wrapped and stowed away in closets and basements until the Big Day. These are the people who get their decorations up before December starts and get them down again before the snow melts.

We are not these people. If you're like us you're buying your gifts mere days before zero hour. Heck! Sometimes you're still buying gifts when you're supposed to be on your way to deliver them! Sound familiar?

Well if you find yourself in a pickle this year and need bit of help, consider letting Blue Damen Pictures be that helping hand. As a matter of fact we will be helping last minute shoppers turn their purchases into gifts next week at our annual "That's a Wrap Holiday Gift Wrapping event!

Join us on Thursday December 22nd at Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee and we can help YOU! We'll be there all day with the cast and crew of "Dark Before Dawn" happily applying decorative paper to your thoughtfully purchased baubles. Proceeds will go towards the preparations for our premiere!

So if you're interested in coming out here is what you need to know:

Thursday December 22nd

Spring Hill Mall, West Dundee

Gift wrapping. All day. Be there.

Hope to see you there!

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