What's In a Name Anyway?

Between you and me and the fencepost our current little film project will always be called "Night Train" deep down in our hearts. Good hipsters everywhere will someday have the pleasure, nay, the privilege of referring to our underground title of "Night Train". Super scenesters might even go so far as to call it "MCNT" which has been our production company shorthand for the project (MumbleCore Night Train). But for everyone else, this little project we have been slowly but surely developing for its place in cinematic history will be known as (drumroll please):

"Dark Before Dawn"

Yes, it was a long and arduous decision-making process to finally settle on this name. We literally debated the topic for weeks. We finally settled on "Dark Before Dawn" for three reasons:

1. "Dark Before Dawn" is short, sweet, and refers both to the physical environment for our characters as well as the emotional place they struggle with.

2. "Dark Before Dawn" makes more sense than "Night Train" because the film really isn't about trains at all.

3. There are a large handful of films called "Night Train", the most recent of which was 2009. There is only one other "Dark Before Dawn" and it was made back in 1988.

So, friends and neighbors, that is why we are changing our title to "Dark Before Dawn". The good news is now that we have a final, formal title for this film we will also be able to put together a proper website for it. We have our domain name and everything:


There isn't much up on the site yet as we are still developing content for it, but rest assured it will be so awesome that nothing will be able to compete it. Not even puppies.


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