The Glasses Say It All

We could argue for a long time about what "irony" really is, but when you get right down to it I think that getting a donation of hipster glasses as the result of shooting a mumblecore film counts. Let me set the scene for you:


Hipster Gwydhar says: "Visualize This".

It was a dark and stormy night (no, really, it was) and we were preparing to shoot the very first scene of our very first mumblecore film. It was an evening electric with the aura of possibility. Little did we know, when we boarded the train downtown at Union Station that it would be a train that would take us to our destiny (pronounced "Dessstineeee! *cymbal crash*)

There we were, quietly trying to capture a few guerrilla shots of our actor Amy Karen getting onto a train and taking her seat, but if we are really honest with ourselves we  just didn't want to get caught by the conductor. The trains around here are double decker so we went up to the upper level and had Amy go down to the far end of the row of seats to take her place and we took some seats ourselves and "pretended" to be real passengers. Who just so happened to have a camera. And just so happened to be shooting a scene.


Hipster Amy says: "Oh Hai, I'm a movie star now".

In retrospect we weren't exactly all that subtle, so it probably should be no surprise that the passengers across the car from us struck up a conversation.

"Hey, what're you doing? Making a movie?" Asks the gentleman across the way.

"Why yes we are- as a matter of fact we'reshootingamumblecorefilm:that'sasuperlowbudgetsuperlowtechformoffilmmakingthatemphasizestherelationshipbetweencharactersratherthanflashyproductiontricks..." (I can kinda get on a roll sometimes.)

"Oh." Says the gentleman across the way. "I sell glasses, but hey, moviemaking is cool too."

I'm paraphrasing here: the role of gentleman-across-the-way was being played by the generous Mr Raymond Troy of who, as it turns out, has a bit of an interest in film and television himself. We exchanged cards (as one does) and promised to keep in touch. 


Hipster Pete says: "Business cards? That's so last Millenium".

In the week that followed that fateful night we prepared for our Big Weekend and one of our team members suggested that we have a "theme" for our production crew to build morale (or something). I thought: What better theme for the crew of a mumblecore film than hipsters? And what better sign of hipsterdom than hipster glasses? Don't we know someone who sells glasses?

*roots in pockets*

*produces dog-eared business card*

Why, yes, yes we do. After an exhaustive fifteen minute search of the nineapair website we discovered that not only does offer just about any style of replica designer sun glasses in a price range appropriate to someone in the arts (*ahem*) but they also just so happened to have actual hipster glasses. 

Photo of these sweet Hipster glasses is courtesy of

Several emails later we were in business: hipster glasses all around! As a matter of fact, we even decided to incorporate them into the film itself: as part of our credits each team member's hipster headshot will appear at the end of the film for your generalized merriment. As a matter of fact, some of these hipster headshots will even be appearing on the NineAPair website (though we're not sure where to look for them: under "News" maybe?) sooo... yeah. We're famous now. And we're not just saying that to be ironic either.

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