The Gentlemen (and Ladies') Rejection Tasting Guide: Smooth Overall, Bitter Undertone

On every life a little rain must fall and for every project a few rejection letters land in our in-box. We've become quite the connoisseurs of a good rejection; why not put this experience to good use? Thus we present for your reading pleasure: "The Gentleman (and Ladies) Rejection Tasting Guide".

Thank you very much for submitting "Mattress World" to the [our] International Film Festival. This year we received over 3000 film submissions from all over the world. This provided us with a fantastic choice of films from which to compile our programme but sadly also meant that there were many worthy films which we were unable to select.

I am sorry to let you know that, after careful consideration, we have decided not to select your film for our Festival programme. We cannot give you a more personal response as regrettably we do not have the resources to provide individual explanations for each decision at this time.

Once again thank you for thinking of [us]. We very much hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Brassy on the outset this selection starts with bold proclamations of greatness but delivers little satisfaction. Leading notes designed to start with sweetness instead leave a bitter taste lingering on the palate. 

The selection regains some charisma with elegant and slightly formal mid tones that smooth over the exuberance of the opening with a buttery tone. 

The final notes are brief, but clean and leave the partaker appropriately dissatisfied but not injured. 

*For the privacy of the purveyors of this fine rejection sampling all proper names have been removed.

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