Downtown Elgin's Starring Role in Independent Film

Production of the Film "Night Train"
Showcases Rejuvenated Downtown Elgin



Blue Damen Pictures will be producing their first
feature film "Night Train" right in downtown Elgin this Memorial Day Weekend.
Shot entirely on location in a single weekend "Night Train" will feature local
businesses and Elgin's revitalized parks, Main Street and riverfront in the
story of two strangers waiting for the morning train.


      The story of "Night Train" is about a
young woman who takes the last train out of Chicago one night and sleeps
through her station and ends up at the end of the line in Elgin where she meets
a guy at the train station who offers to keep her company until the morning
train. It was a visit to Elgin that inspired director Gwydhar Gebien to develop
the story for production when she saw the range of moods and settings that
Elgin could provide.


self-described "mumblecore" film, "Night Train" is an ultra-low budget style of
filmmaking that emphasizes the relationship between the characters. Most
notably, "Night Train" has no script: The actors Amy Karen (the Gal) and Elgin
native Pete Garlock (the Guy) are developing their own characters and will be
improvising each scene. As Garlock puts it: "
As one of the lead actors in this production, I'm excited and nervous,
because it's such a ground-breaking approach we're taking to tell this story,
and I don't know what to expect. And as someone who works and lives in Elgin,
I'm excited to show the world how beautiful my city is!"


      Garlock isn't the only one excited to show
off Elgin to the world: the outpouring of local support has been astounding.
Thanks to the City Manager's office of Elgin most of the scenes will take place
in public parks and along the river. Several local businesses will also make
appearances onscreen in the film including the Douglas Street Sports Bar which
became part of the project when Doree Haight, owner of the property, heard
about Blue Damen Pictures and contacted Gwydhar to suggest that the property
could be a great film location.



 "Night Train"
is even drawing out of town filmmakers to Elgin. One of the producers, Daniel
Vendt, is even flying in from Los Angeles for the production:
"Normally, I've been
the composer for our projects, but after several intense years of industry
experience, I'm able to bring a lot more to the team." Elgin, it seems, is
ready for its close-up.


Blue Damen Pictures is a non profit,
community-oriented film production company that provides emerging filmmakers
with the opportunity to get hands-on filmmaking experience. With the goal of
creating films that communicate, educate, and entertain audiences, they have produced
numerous films to date, such as "Persephone", "The Visionary", and "Mattress


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