Could Elgin Be The New Tribecca?

Elgin Arts Grant Brings Independent Film
Production Company to Town


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    More and more independent filmmakers are freeing
themselves from the industry restraints of Los Angeles and are searching the
nation for film-friendly communities to settle down in.  Now, thanks to the Elgin Arts Funding
grant from the Florence B. and Cornelia A. Palmer Foundation, Blue Damen
Pictures can call the city of Elgin home to their upcoming film


      It was the
inaugural Elgin Short Film Festival that first caught the attention of Blue
Damen Pictures' producer Gwydhar Gebien. "We screened our film 'The Visionary'
there in 2009 but I think we knew even then that this festival would stand out for years to come as being something
special. The feeling of having the film screened before an audience of hundreds
reminded me why I wanted to make films in the first place." Impressed by the
success of the festival and by the support provided by the city Gwydhar decided
to set her next film "Recalculating" in the Elgin area.


tells the story of Tom Avery, a down-and-out running coach making the difficult
journey to reconnect with his adult daughter.  Thanks to a rather exceptional GPS device, in the course of
this journey he confronts his memories and guilt surrounding a car accident
that left his daughter unable to run and learns to accept that there is more
than one way to get back up on your feet.


      With scenes set
in and around the city of Elgin, Blue Damen Pictures submitted "Recalculating"
to the Florence B. and Cornelia A. Palmer Foundation for funding and was
recently awarded a grant from the Foundation towards production. "We are
humbled by this generosity," Gwydhar says, "and we look forward to sharing the
benefits of the filmmaking craft with the community". Most independent film
gets made in spite of location, but
Elgin is different.  Not only does
it have a wonderful "main street America" feel, it also actively supports film
production: this is the kind of place where independent filmmakers could really
show the beautiful relationship between a city and a vibrant arts community.
Since "Recalculating " is a short film Gwydhar already hopes that it will
someday screen at the Elgin Short Film Festival.

        Blue Damen Pictures is a non profit,
community-oriented film production company that provides emerging filmmakers
with the opportunity to get hands-on filmmaking experience. With the goal of
creating films that communicate, educate, and entertain audiences, they have
produced numerous films to date, such as the award winning experimental film
"Persephone", the multiple-award winning film "The Visionary", and their
current family favorite "Mattress World". 

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