Why, Yes, We Did Just Get A Facelift

I'm going to date myself, here, but I remember when putting a website address at the end of a television commercial was a novelty. At the time the gesture was, to me, obscure at best. We didn't jump on the whole "internet" bandwagon until we were nearly buried under AOL promotional CDs (remember those?). It didn't take us long to figure out, though, that websites were quickly becoming a new and vital business tool. For shops it became a catalogue, for artists it became a portfolio, for just about everyone it became a forum for opinions and information (for better or for worse). 
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So in an age where a digital presence is nearly as important as a physical address- sometimes MORE important- one of the first things we created for Blue Damen Pictures was a website. We were an emerging film production company and we needed to get our work online and our dedicated Webmaster-Associate-Producer-Still-Photographer Danellyn made it happen. The biggest problem that we kept running into, though, was that the digital world was growing and changing shape so quickly that we could scarcely keep up! Which is why now, three years later, we are pleased to announce that we've given ourselves a digital facelift. 
All together now; Oooooh... Aaahhhhh...
Allow me to take you for a tour: Our new website now links us with several social networking sites. There's Facebook, of course, if you want to be our friend. There's Twitter if you like your updates short and to the point or our online bi-weekly newsletter if you like a little bit of literature in your day. We have announcements about our upcoming screenings and events, information on our current and past projects- even a place where you can leave your comments and send us messages! 
So reach out- get in touch! Let us know what you think and we'll look forward to hearing from you soon!

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