Up Coming Screenings of "Mattress World"

You've heard the expression "Let's get this show on the road?" Well, that is just what we plan to do for the next few months! Within the next month we will be taking "Mattress World" from coast to coast. Like a tour. We should make t-shirts...
MARCH 19th, 2011
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This will be our third year screening with the Vegas... um... well it was originally called Xanadu Las Vegas when we first attended it in 2009 with "Persephone". It was the inaugural year, and though there were a few horror stories we did meet a great number of wonderful people with whom we still keep in touch. We screened "The Visionary" with Xanadu Las Vegas (round two) but were unable to attend because it was the exact same week as LA Women's Film Festival that year. This year we are lucky enough to have our associate producer and composer extraordinaire, Daniel Vendt, representing us with our current film "Mattress World". 

MARCH 25th -MARCH 31st, 2011

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This will be our second year attending the LA Women's Film
Festival, a week long festival featuring the work of female directors and
producers around the country and around the world. We had a brilliant
experience last year when we screened "The Visionary" at this festival and look
forward to repeating that experience with this year's screening of "Mattress

 APRIL 7th -9th, 2011


This will be our third year attending the Litchfield Hills
Film Festival- the festival formerly known as the "Kent Film Festival". We're
having some trouble with this transition... Willis Tower, Sears Tower, same diff.

We look forward to revisiting the lovely town of Kent where
this festival originated and where we screened  both "Persephone" and "The Visionary" but we are also
looking forward to have the opportunity to screen our film "Mattress World" in
the festival's new venues in New Milford as well!


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