It's Amazing What You Can Do In Three Months: 1st Quarter In Review

Well, here it is; springtime at last! Nothing like a cold, dark, Chicago winter to really make holding on until spring seem like an accomplishment! It may have been dark and cold outside but we've been busy here at Blue Damen Pictures. If we were in pre-school we would be insisting now that we are "three-and-a-half years old" and that means that we are starting to think about the next step and where we want this company to go in the next few years. 

This existential self examination began at this year's Annual Meeting when our business manager Greg Jeszka stepped down from the board. The parting was amicable, two roads parting in the proverbial yellow woods, but it left us with the question of who we wanted to approach to fill his position on our team. Did we want someone with business experience? Production experience? Promotional know-how? Money? We couldn't decide. Then we thought, "Why limit ourselves? Why not add several new board positions? So we did. 
It turns out it was a good idea to decide to build up our executive team because around that same time two of our other board members; Danellyn, our Treasurer, and myself (Gwydhar) decided that it would be a good idea to pull up stakes and move to the west coast at the end of 2011. The plans were nebulous at first, but quickly developed into something resembling a plan: we would spend 2011 building up our Blue Damen board and would begin defining it into two teams: The Chicago Team which would be in charge of developing our future productions and The L.A. Team which would be in charge of developing our future industry connections. We put out word that we were looking for candidates in our blog unimaginatively titled: Film Production Company Seeks Visionary for Board Position and were rewarded with several likely candidates. We don't want to name names just yet, though; we wouldn't want to jinx ourselves! But we still have room for applications so if you think this might be a job for you then don't hesitate to let us know!
When we weren't busy restructuring ourselves from a business standpoint we were busy building up our two productions of the year. The first of these productions is our narrative short film "Recalculating" which we hope to put into production sometime during the summer. "Recalculating" is part of our "Insomniac Chronicles" series and is the first of these vignettes that we are hoping to court some name-recognizable talent to participate in. In fact, if you imagine us armed with our glossy pitch-package going to and being rejected from talent agencies in Tinseltown as you read this then you're probably not far from the truth. 
"Recalculating" is the story of Tom Avery, a stubborn, down-and-out Dad, trying to reunite with his adult daughter Sarah, two
years after she was injured in a tragic car accident, and is guided by a GPS device as he battles his demons. We are currently courting the City of Elgin to be our go-to filming location for the film and have scouted several places to shoot scenes in once we get the ball rolling. 

Our other project is, of course, our documentary "Something Sweet" exploring the role of added sweeteners in American diet and culture. We hoped to have it completed in time for our annual Blue Damen Birthday Party (and you're all invited) in June, but as it turns out doing a feature length film is proportionately more work than a narrative short... So we are considering the idea of making a short "summary" version of the film that we can screen to keep our fans and friends up to date on what we are working on. 

Now, though, we are in the middle of our spring time tour. We were accepted to three festivals all within a month of each other: the Vegas Media Expo in fabulous Las Vegas was the weekend of the 19th and 20th of March. Daniel Vendt, our Secretary and Composer, represented us at it and assures it was a life experience! We'd prod him for details but of course we all know about what happens in Vegas and where it stays.  Gwydhar and Danellyn met up with Daniel in LA the following week for the LA Women's Film Festival and a week of The Schmooze (or, as those of us from Chicago say "Da Schmooze"). And if that wasn't enough then Gwydhar and Danellyn jetted to the east coast to the Litchfield Hills film festival where "Mattress World" screened at the Bank Street Theatre on Saturday April 9th. 

And as if that weren't enough we just launched our new website at

Well, friends and neighbors, it will be hard to top a quarter as busy as this one. By the time we update you next we will be on the verge of the summer and, with luck, production of "Recalculating". Stay tuned, stay cool and stay in touch and we will see you in the movies!


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