What Are the Holidays Without A Little Tinsel?

What Are the Holidays Without A Little Tinsel?
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                Happy New Year! It is always bittersweet to realize
another year has come to an end, but in looking back we realized that 2010 was
a wonderful year for us here at Blue Damen Pictures. We thought we'd take a
moment to share with you some of the success that your support has made

                Throughout the early months of this year we travelled
literally coast-to-coast

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screening "The Visionary" at film festivals in Los Angeles, California
and Kent, Connecticut.
We and were delighted to find nearly full houses at our screenings and even
though we didn't take home any more awards we still felt like winners! 

 In June we celebrated our 3rd anniversary
with another
installment of "The Insomniac Chronicles" which is a series of
individual vignettes that will eventually be put together to create a feature
length film. This newest vignette "Mattress

World" is a whimsical fable of an
overworked mattress salesman learning to r
econnect with his inner child. The premier
was a marvelous success and was amply attended by cast, crew, and our dedicated
supporters. "Mattress World" is now screening at festivals around the country
including most recently Illinois International Film Festival where it won an
award for Best Family Short.


            Throughout the year we have also been in production
on our first feature length
documentary "Something Sweet". The film explores
the role of added sugars and sweeteners in the American diet and culture and
asks the question: could life be "sweeter" without so much sugar? To find out,
Blue Damen Pictures director Gwydhar Gebien gave up all foods with added
sweeteners for 9 months. The result? Well, you'll just have to stay tuned for
our upcoming premier!

                2010 also marked Blue Damen Pictures' second summer
internship program

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featuring a student all the way from Butler University.
Our dedicated intern, Susan Bratton, made invaluable contributions  to both "Mattress World" and "Something
Sweet" as well as keeping the buzz about Blue Damen Pictures alive on our blog
during the summer months.

                Speaking of blogs, our official Blue Damen Pictures
blog "The Blue Streak" was welcomed to a new home at ChicagoNow.com. With new
posts going up every other week we look forward to building our online presence
and keeping you informed about our current and upcoming projects! Check it out
at http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/blue-streak/.
New subscribers are always welcome!

                Looking forward, it would be hard to top a year as
full as this one has been, but we are going to try! We are already in
production for our next installment of "The Insomniac Chronicles" with a short
film called "Recalculating" in which a 
gentleman is guided through a difficult choice by his GPS. With luck and
your help we will go into production for this in July/August. You can also look
forward to the premier of "Something Sweet" which we hope to launch for our 4th
anniversary, so stay tuned! As always, donations towards any of these projects
are warmly welcomed and, since we are a 501(c)3 company, are also tax
deductible! We hope you will consider supporting the filmmaking arts as you
prepare your charitable donations this holiday season.

                In all, we feel incredibly fortunate to be pursuing
what we love: filmmaking and we know that we have you to thank for this. It is
with our sincerest best wishes that we think of you as this year draws to a
close and hope that you will continue to share your support and your
inspiration with us in the year to come.

you and Happy New Year!

                                                         Gwydhar, Danellyn, Daniel, Greg, and Pete

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