We Are Resolved

When we started Blue Damen Pictures we had a great vision of the work that we would produce and the places that work would take us. It was a gloriously simple dream and for a while it seemed like it might just work out just the way we'd planned. Then that whole economy thing (thank you, recession) happened and, like many of our kind, we find ourselves in a literal and figurative limbo. 

The past year has been rather like a creative winter: many of our projects have been kept alive but only in a state of hibernation leaving us lean and hungry for something new and fresh. Now, at last, there is a sense that the worst might be over and that we are on the brink of a new season of growth. Now, at last, it seems reasonable to consider the direction of our future and to  make the resolutions that will propel us forward. To this end, we are taking a new look at all the projects that we have been keeping on back burners and are beginning to give them a stir. 
When we get right down to it we really have only one resolution: Take it to the next level. 
What is "it" exactly? Many things. "It" is our production value- which we have always worked hard to make the highest quality but which we must now learn how to exceed whether through technical means or artistic ones. "It" is our connection to our community, whether our audiences or the filmmakers that we rely upon for their creativity and hard work: we must now learn how to better serve them and to provide a better product for their benefit. And of course, lastly, "It" is our business model which has been narrowly focused on short, narrative, independent film which we must learn to broaden. 
We certainly have our work cut out for us in the coming months but even so we look forward to sharing our work with you and in the meantime humbly request your support in our journey. 
Here is wishing you all the best for the New Year! 
Stay Tuned!
Gwydhar Gebien
Blue Damen Pictures nfp.

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