All Wrapped Up With Nowhere to Go (But Up!)

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Well, the holidays are here again which means that it is time for the fourth annual Blue Damen Pictures "That's A Wrap" gift wrapping fundraiser!

We started the tradition of wrapping gifts at a local mall back in our very first year as a company in order to raise enough money to finish our first film "Persephone" after we had the great misfortune to lose a third of our rough footage to the whims of the digital gods. With the income from that day we were able to pay for an additional weekend of shooting to re-capture some of the lost story points and "Persephone" went on to be a multiple award winning short film!

This year we are excited to be dedicating our proceeds to our upcoming film project "Recalculating" which tells the story of a man being guided through a difficult choice by an extraordinary GPS device. Specifically, we hope to raise $1,500.

"And what do we plan to do with this $1,500?" You may ask.

Quite simply, we plan to reach for the stars- literally! We are working on a knockout pitch to convince a Star (Shh- it's a surprise!) to make the trip all the way here to the Windy City to take this project to the next level. After all, as a company we are committed to giving filmmakers of ALL levels the opportunity to work on unique and compelling projects!

So if you're willing to help us reach for the Stars, start by coming out on December 11th or 12th and getting your gifts wrapped! Here's everything you need to know:

Blue Damen Pictures' 4th Annual "That's A Wrap" Fundraiser
December 11th and 12th, 2010
10 am- 8 pm

Spring Hill Mall (Center Court)
1072 Spring Hill Mall
West Dundee, IL 60118
(847) 428-2200

Donations: Give what you can!

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