Summer Update

Well it's August again (I'm not really sure where July went) and that means that we've successfully completed Blue Damen Pictures' second annual summer internship program! Alert readers may have noticed that our star intern Susan Bratton wrote many of the blogs that went live this summer leaving yours truly with more time to make forward progress on our current and upcoming films. We would like to send her off now in style with our appreciation and gratitude for a job well done!

Many of you already know that we premiered our third official film "Mattress World" this past June and we are pleased to announce that we have officially submitted it to the following festivals:
Chicago International Film Festival
Chicago United Film Festival
New York United Film Festival
London United Film Festival
Elgin Short Film Festival
Illinois International Film Festival
We are looking forward with great anticipation to hearing whether or not our submissions have been accepted by any of these great shows and will keep our fingers crossed that we will soon have the opportunity to share upcoming screening dates with you soon!

Our ongoing documentary project "Something Sweet" has been gathering steam as we approach the culminating event of the project: the wedding. You know I always thought that planning a wedding was a lot like producing a film. Now I know that I was wrong- producing a film is WAY easier. I believe I may have angered some old testament style god of comfort food who is now lobbing anxiety at me like hand grenades. What I wouldn't give for a Krispy Kreme donut some days.
But I soldier on. We even managed to put in some quality time at the library researching the qualities and uses for sugar. With luck we will even manage to get some of these factoids into the film. For instance did you know that in 1984 the consumption of corn sweeteners surpassed the consumption of sugar from cane or sugar beets? True story.

And where would we be without making forward motion on our next installment of "The Insomniac Chronicles"? Probably a lot more well rested, that's where. When I started this project I didn't realize it was going to be autobiographical!
Joking aside, we've been making good headway on our newest upcoming short. Alert readers will know that we've found two members of our cast already and are preparing to begin making contact with actors for the lead role before the end of the year. I feel strongly that the more this project develops the better it becomes. With luck it might just be our finest work yet.

So I believe that is all the news that is fit to print. We'll look forward to sharing more as we progress!

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