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First of all everyone should check out Mattress World's official page on IMDB!  We're very excited to have that up and running!  We've also made more progress on "Something Sweet" and "Recalculating."  A lot more research has been done on everything sugar to put the pieces of the documentary together.  Of course filming for that continues as Gwydhar boycott's sugar.
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Exciting news about "Recalculating," we have our actress to play the roll of Sara, Ms. Katy Sullivan!  We found Katy through the show "The Long Red Road" at the Goodman Theatre here in Chicago.  We'd been looking for an actress without legs to play Sara, and while working at the theatre, the author of "Recalculating" saw Katy's performance in the show.  She gave us the heads up so we were able to contact the house manager and get in touch with Katy, and the rest, as they say, is history! 
Katy was born without legs and has worn prosthetic legs for her entire life.  As a child she was able to play sports and participate in other activities but without legs it was frustrating to try and keep up.  After seeing a production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, early in her youth, she decided to be an actor.
After getting her degree in theatre she worked at The Goodman Theatre and around Chicago, she has also lived and worked in Los Angeles working in independent films, movies, and TV shows.  If you watch "My Name Is Earl" you may have seen Katy!
Another of Katy's many talents is running.  With prosthetic running legs made especially for her body she participates in events like the Paralympics.  She's broken records for running and won numerous gold and silver metals.
We're very excited to have her as a part of "Recalculating!"  Read more about Katy Sullivan at or you can look up her IMDB page!

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