Successful Premier!


As some of you may know, last Saturday was the world premier of Blue Damen's new short "Mattress World," the story of an overworked mattress salesman attempting to close up his shop one evening when the mattresses develop personalities and try to convince him that they are the best mattress in the store.  The premier was very successful, it was a good turn out of about 50 people, and of COURSE a great show.  Thank you again to everyone involved it could not have happened without you.  
If you were at the premier you may have noticed we now have "Mattress World" t-shirts with the Blue Damen Logo on them, if you want one they are $10! (They're pretty spiffy)  You can also buy any of our three films on DVD for $5.
We are now focusing on entering the film into festivals around Chicago and some other parts of the country.  Chicago International and Chicago United Film Festivals are at the top of our list right now, so if you plan to attend either look for "Mattress World."
Hope you all had a happy June and please vote for Blue Damen on facebook for the Chase Community Giving Grant Contest!  All you have to do it "like" the Chase Community Giving page and give us your vote!  This is the link.   
AND yesterday, June 28th, is Blue Damen's 3rd birthday!!! So eat something sweet in honor of Blue Damen, unless you are Gwydhar.

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