Meet The Cast: Pete Garlock


Blue Damen is currently in pre-production for "Recalculating," a short film written by Jan Schumacher-Kaschner.  If you're at the "Mattress World" Premiere on the 26th, you may get to see a promotional trailer for this film!
Garlock Blog Headshot.jpg
Playing a prominent role in this film is our friend Pete Garlock, whom we met at the Elgin Film Festival last September.  Extremely supportive and enthusiastic, we're very excited to have Pete as part of the Blue Damen Family.
Garlock is no stranger to film, in addition to stage appearances at his alma mater, Ohio State, you may have seen his face in Chicago films such as "Fred Claus", "The Dark Knight", and "Public Enemies".
Production of "Recalculating" will start in 2011.  Keep an eye out for upcoming events with Blue Damen Pictures, and be sure to ask Pete about his role if you see him!

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