Photos from the Kent Film Festival

It seems like every time we turn around we are jetting off to another film festival these days! Most recently we were in Kent, Connecticut for the Kent Independent Film Festival which, we are assured by the town's first Selectman (that's kind of like a mayor) has been nominated as the top festival in the state! We had a wonderful time, had a good turnout for our screening of "The Visionary" and met tons of wonderful people. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than blabbing your ear off, here is a photo tour of some of the highlights from our trip. Enjoy!


Kylie Gellatly catches a photo of Danellyn catching a photo of Kylie Gellatly...


Danellyn captures a photo of Kylie Gellatly capturing a photo of Danellyn...


William Brook (left) and Gwydhar at the Kent Film Festival awards ceremony.


Farah White and Gwydhar at the Kent Film Festival


Frank Mosley and Stephanie Rhodes of "Hold with Noah Cooper and Michal Tzaska of "Undergound Sonata" at the Kent Film Festival.


Patrice Galterio, Tracey Birdsall-Smith, Stuart McClay-Smith, and Frank Galterio:
The filmmakers of "Tick Tock" winning the award for short film cinematography.


From left: Danellyn, Stuart McClay-Smith and Tracey Birdsall-Smith of "Tick Tock", and Gwydhar


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