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Chicago Craft Beer Big Game Weekend, February 3-5

Chicago Craft Beer Big Game Weekend, February 3-5
I’ve been laid low this week by a kidney stone attack on Monday, which keeps me out of the mood for beer for awhile. Oddly, when I was sent for a CT scan of my pre-disposal beer tank, the technician recognized my name as The Beeronaut. Of course I was in too much pain at... Read more »

Sort of Live Blogging Super Bowl Sunday

I start my Big Game cooking with a pork loin prepared according to <a href="">this recipe</a>.
1:30 pm We have of course already been up since early this morning, taking turns shoveling, looking for where the Sunday paper might be buried, etc. Normally I have not cared about making elaborate plans for Super Bowl watching, especially since it involves two teams over 1,200 miles away. But my 14 year-old boy has... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Events for Super Bowl Weekend 2015

Chicago Craft Beer Events for Super Bowl Weekend 2015
If watching a Super Bowl game between two teams 1,200 miles from Chicago isn’t your thing, this is still a big weekend for craft beer, as you will read below! Ongoing: Breckenridge Brewery/Never Summer Snowboard Giveaway Franklin Tap, 325 S​.​ Franklin St., Chicago (312) 212-3262 Breckenridge and Never Summer Industries teamed up with Josh Viola & Aaron Lovett to create the... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Super Bowl Weekend Events

Chicago Craft Beer Super Bowl Weekend Events
So, remember “Bud Bowl?” The early CGI commercials where bottles of Budweiser mixed it up during the Super Bowl. I see this year, their commercials won’t even show the beer, just horses and puppies. But I have a couple of better matchups for you below: Friday, January 31 Bell’s and the Blues Blues Bar BBQ... Read more »

Chicago Big Game Weekend Events, February 1 - 3

Chicago Big Game Weekend Events, February 1 - 3
Of course your favorite place is open for the S____ B___ (since I'm not an "official sponsor," I might get sued for using the name. But I found three events that add some more interest to a game that runs until all hours of the night...

White House Super Bowl party has Wisconsin, Pennsylvania beer, and homebrew

Some interesting information comes to light in the craft beer world in the wake of the Super Bowl. I reported here about the campaign by East End Brewing owner Scott Smith to get a case of his Pittsburgh-brewed beer to the Whote House Super Bowl party to match the Green Bay-made Hinterland beers President Obama... Read more »

Super Bowl Beer Review: Gratitude by East End Brewing, PIttsburgh

  East End Gratitude, from a well-enjoyed beer tasting: Crazy angle, and a thumb in the lens. A few weeks back, I reviewed a beer from Green Bay that I was able to secure and taste before the NFC Championship game. I wanted to do the same for something from Pittsburgh, but there is none... Read more »

Beeronaut's Super Bowl weekend calendar, Feb. 4-6 (UPDATED)

The Super Bowl will involve teams I have no emotional stake in, with millions spent on commercials that demonstrate the quality of pale tasteless beer by showing horses playing footall (at least they won’t be flatulent this year). Yet I will probably watch. Friday, February 4 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. • Super Bowl: SKA... Read more »
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