Chicago Craft Beer Weekend, October 9-11
Still futzing along with my spare computer while I wait to find out if the data from my fried MacBook can be retrieved. My spare Intel box has been working, except I'm using the same Bluetooth keyboard for this and my iPad, and the keyboard favors the wrong device when I need it. After cancelling the springtime Dark Lord Days, Three Floyds Brewing Co. has finally announced a plan to distribute this year's allotment. People visiting on October 19, starting at 3 pm Central, can place an order. Each $170 package includes:
  • Four custom-printed bottles of 2020 Dark Lord Russian-Style Imperial Stout
  • One bottle of a rare 2020 Dark Lord variant
  • Tote bag (That's right!)
Limit 2 packages per customer. Each package will contain a random 2020 variant. People who buy two bags will get different variants...