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Finding a Beer for the End of the World: 12-21-2012, Pt. 2: Beers

Finding a Beer for the End of the World: 12-21-2012, Pt. 2: Beers
Truth to tell, if I actually did think the world was coming to an end, I would spend the time making sweet… um, chocolate chip cookies with my family. Yeah, that’s it. Only if they were not nearby would I go to my beer cellar and start drinking all the vintage ales I’ve been saving. But in fact, the imaginary apocalypse is really just another reason to party. I’m all for that. So the appropriate beers to drink can be chosen with the same consideration as a picture of Santa on the label of a Christmas beer. In this article, I listed some appropriate places to hunker down with one last, great beer. Now here are some beers to try at home. First, consider that culture that was able to layout a pretty accurate calendar 5,000 years ago, while we “civilized” nations still argue over when Easter should be. Like many Mesoamericans, the Mayans brewed with local maize, flavored with cocoa, honey, chile peppers, and whatever other tasty plants were at hand. Some beers nearby with that same influence: 5 Rabbit Ki’ Chun: this is a new beer by Chicago’s Latin-influenced 5 Rabbit Cerveceria. It’s name means “tasty start” according to founding brewmaster Randy Mosher, who writes, “Ki’ Chun blends the apricot perfume of chanterelles with three malts and toasted oats, all tied together by the exotic fruitiness of New Zealand Rakau hops, accented by a Belgian yeast strain. Dark Thai palm sugar lightens the body a bit and makes this 9.5 % alc/vol beer dangerously drinkable, dry and creamy.” Ki’ Chun con Chanterelles will be tapped on December 21, the first day of the new calendar cycle. These locations will be pouring: I had one of Randy’s mushroom beers way back in 2002, and found it delicious. He’s had all this time to tweak the recipe since then...

Finding a Beer for the End of the World: 12-21-2012, Part 1: Parties

It’s not that I’m giving in to the hysteria about the Mayans having to go to the stationery store for a new calendar. It torques me that NASA has to expend taxpayer money to answer questions from people who went to schools where they teach hoodoo instead of science. But okay, I know a good opportunity for pageviews when I see one. Besides, who am I to criticize an event made up as a reason to drink beer. So in this first article, I will lay out some of the craftier establishments that will be hosting special taps with beers appropriate for the Imaginary Apocalypse. And in this article, I will suggest a few appropriate beers.

Thursday, Dec. 20

End of the World Party 4:00 pm – 2:00 am Smallbar Logan Square, 2956 N Albany, Chicago (773) 509-9888 If we're all gonna die, we may as well drink beers & die together!! Remember, we have to drink it all, because we're gonna die the next day. A night of drinks and friends.  As with many events, the line-up is subject to change and surprises may or may not happen. Check the Facebook Events page...
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