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Chicago Craft Beer Events, July 21–24

Chicago Craft Beer Events, July 21–24
Just a quick note to the effect that we have yet another brewer in town: Marz Community Brewing is a communal group related to the Lumpen arts group and Maria’s Community Bar. Their beers have been starting to appear arts events around the Bridgeport area. Monday, July 21 Belgian Independence Day Hopleaf, 5148 N. Clark... Read more »

Tasting beers for Belgian Independence Day

Tasting beers for Belgian Independence Day
This year is probably the first time I knew that July 21 was Belgium’s Independence Day. I mostly note the day as the anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon (hey, I saw it live on TV, you have to watch a poor dub on YouTube). But anyway, like our own Independence, setting the... Read more »

Beeronaut's Chicago events, July 18 to 21

Beeronaut's Chicago events, July 18 to 21
Monday, July 18 5:00 – 11:30 p.m. Saint Arnoldus Day: Drink Beer, Not Water Monk’s Pub, 205 W. Lake St., Chicago (312) 357-6665 Saint Arnoldus is known for saving many people in the 11th century by convincing them to drink beer in the place of water when the water was not safe to drink. To... Read more »
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