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My Thoughts on Father's Day

This actually has nothing to do with beer. It’s just something I wanted to put down about how much I continue to admire my father (and of course, my mother) for how well they raised me and my brothers and sister. That does include letting us kids try his Grain Belt and Hamms so we’d... Read more »

Rising to Sour Jacks Oscar Challenge

Rising to Sour Jacks Oscar Challenge
As you might assume, being known as a beer blogger also gets me on peoples’ lists as a food blogger. So, I will also get invited to take part in food oriented events, like the visit we made to Fogo de Chão last month. It’s an opportunity to get the kids involved in what I... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Weekend, January 22-24

Chicago Craft Beer Weekend, January 22-24
Hey, did you know Chicago Restaurant Week starts this Friday? I kinda did, but I have not received much notice of beer-forward CRW events. But surely some of our favorite food and craft places will have something going, so go ahead and check them out. And we are officially in “Carnivale” season, that time that... Read more »

How Saturday Night Live Widened My World

How Saturday Night Live Widened My World
This week the ChicagoNow sphere is sharing stories around the 40th anniversary special coming up for Saturday Night Live. I thought I might join in by popping a beer and telling my own story. The TV landscape did not hold much opportunity for young music fans in 1975. On the three-channels plus a new PBS... Read more »

Sort of Live Blogging Super Bowl Sunday

I start my Big Game cooking with a pork loin prepared according to <a href="">this recipe</a>.
1:30 pm We have of course already been up since early this morning, taking turns shoveling, looking for where the Sunday paper might be buried, etc. Normally I have not cared about making elaborate plans for Super Bowl watching, especially since it involves two teams over 1,200 miles away. But my 14 year-old boy has... Read more »

Mixers for the Blackhawks Push at Hockey History

Gee, I should have thought to have something appropriate for tonight’s attempt by the Chicago Blackhawks to set a new NHL record for consecutive games without a loss in regulation. Actually I thought about it after a promo guy from Jim Beam emailed me a suggestion for some mixers to make, to ease the pain... Read more »

Hey, Win This! Spring Newcastle Merchandise Giveaway (REVISED)

Great jumping hop bines! In writing up this article, I totally neglected to provide the way to win this stuff! Wondering why I didn’t get many entries! So here it is: just like last time, all you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this article with a working email address. You... Read more »

We are away from town for a while

A weekend at the parents’ house has turned out to run longer than we expected. I have just enough time to post this from the local public library and say I may be back in a day or two. Updates will continue at that time. In the meantime, you can follow updates at

Piece Brewery buys the building it occupies

Chicago Real Estate Daily has an artcle noting the Piece Brewery & Pizzeria has purchased its building at 1923-31 W. North Ave. Bill Jacobs, Piece’s majority owner, purchased the property from Art Sundry Jr., founder BigFin Properties Inc., of Forest Park, for $4.3 million. Coincidentally, this comes after reports that Limestone brewing Company was having... Read more »

A-B InBev buys Czech Budweiser originator

If you lose the battle, buy out the war. Belgian-owned brewer Anheuser-Busch buys out original Czech brewer for its claim to the “Budweiser” name.
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