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Craft Beer Review: Urban Legend's beers and taproom

Craft Beer Review: Urban Legend's beers and taproom
Sunday was one of those rare occasions when I actually get out to visit an establishment and try some new beers. So I’m writing it up as soon as I can. Urban Legend Brewing Co. is a recently opened production brewery at 1115 Zygmunt Circle in the western suburb of Westmont (take that one to the... Read more »

Ramping up to HQ Beercade's Pinball Expansion

Ramping up to HQ Beercade's Pinball Expansion

So I didn’t get out to many events at Chicago Craft Beer Week. Working temp jobs and a family at home will do that to you. But I did get an intriguing invitation that I could squeeze in some time to check out.

Headquarters Beercade is one of those new places in town that combines two of my loves: good beer and old arcade games. I know they hold a warm places in many of your hearts, too. There’s even the long in the works Arcade Brewery whose whole design sense is wrapped around the old 8-bit aesthetic. I had not been there, nor to Headquarters’ competitor, the Emporium Arcade Bar (1366 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-697-7922). Until I got an invite to Headquarters expansion, with a new pinball gallery, at a soft opening Thursday, the 23rd...

Stopping by the South Loop's Square One

Stopping by the South Loop's Square One
So, while everyone else has gone to the Great American Beer Festival, I'm holding the fort down here in Chicago. No, that doesn't sound very plausible, does it? Okay, then. What happened is I had an interview downtown this week, and thought I'd cap it off by visiting one of several places to which I've been invited as a beer writer. Square One (1400 S. Michigan Ave.) is a new combination of neighborhood bar and "light bites" place in the South Loop. Since, as a suburbanite, anything between Roosevelt and the Sox Park Red Line stop is Terra Incognita. This is the area, though, that planners want to link with the redevelopment in Bronzeville to create an avenue of retail and dining all the way north from McCormick Place, a few blocks west of where the Daleys lived for a while. This is where Square One has set up as a public space for residents...

Having a few at Maria's Community Bar

Having a few at Maria's Community Bar
First off, some of us ChicagoNow bloggers have been a-giggle over a website, I Write Like, which purports to analyze samples of your writing and tell you which author’s style yours most resembles. So I pasted in my article about 5 Rabbits changing their contract brewer, and I was told it was written in the... Read more »
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