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Drinking beer, and talking about the beer I'm drinking. Some beers are supplied to me for my comment, others I've bought myself for reviewing. See the full list of beers discussed at <a href="">My Beer Reviews Index</a>.

"Black Is Beautiful" Beer Review: Skeleton Key

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I have gotten a positive note or two about my “Black Is Beautiful” collaboration reviews. This just reminds me that I have the great pleasure of being able to drink beers and talk about them on the internet. The fact that proceeds from these beers are earmarked for local causes is really just gravy. I’m... Read more »

"Black Is Beautiful" Beer Review: Foreign Exchange/Church Street

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In the past week, I’ve collected 5 different examples of the “Black Is Beautiful” worldwide collaboration beers. My goal has been to shoot a video review of each one on consecutive days. Well, that idea has been slowed considerably. While I’ve gotten pretty quick at editing and posting videos, it’s writing the related article that... Read more »

Beverage Tasting: Suntory All-Free

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Summarizing another of the videos I shot over the previous weekend. All-Free comes from Japan’s brewer and distiller Suntory. It’s a malt beverage proclaiming that it has not only zero alcohol, but also no calories and no carbs. It’s been available in Japan since 2010. They began test marketing it in San Francisco in 2017,... Read more »

Cider Review: Virtue Northcider & Southcider

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I’ve been on a flurry of video reviews over the weekend, because some of this material is very timely. This one, because it’s tied in the long-delayed start of the baseball season. And, well, we’re looking at the distinct possibility that the season may end very soon, if players keep turning up with COVID symptoms.... Read more »

Brewer Spotlight: Ike & Oak Brewing

Brewer Spotlight: Ike & Oak Brewing
Thought I would finally get my series on local breweries started during the pandemic, but so many other minor things kept popping up. Here’s the one I started in May, when establishments were just reopening for carryout after the COVID-19 lockdown. If and when I finally get more features about local brewers posted, I’ll be... Read more »

Luna Bay Hard Kombucha: One-Man Taste Panel

Luna Bay Hard Kombucha: One-Man Taste Panel
Earlier this month, I ran my interview with Bridget Connelly, co-founder of Luna Bay Booch. This brand of hard kombucha was developed in Chicago, tested and scaled up at Pilot Project Brewing, and is now expanding nationwide in cans from Denver’s Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. My disclosure: the request to cover this brand came with... Read more »

Beer Review: Toppling Goliath King Sue

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One of the “whalez” of Midwestern beers turned up at my local Binny’s. So I snagged a 4-pack for a new “One Take Beer Review.” Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. is situated in the  town of Decorah, in Eastern Iowa. Since their founding in 2009, they have become famous for sought-after imperial stouts and hoppy pale... Read more »

Regional Beer Review: Saugatuck Imperial BBA Neapolitan Milk Stout

Regional Beer Review: Saugatuck Imperial BBA Neapolitan Milk Stout
Here’s another review of a beer that I was able to find during our current self-isolation. These are regional beers that can be readily purchased at a decent price. Tonight, from Michigan’s Saugatuck Brewing, I have their Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Neapolitan Milk Stout (yes, that name is a mouthful). Saugatuck, like many brewers, has... Read more »

Beer Review: Odd Side Ales Rye Hipster Brunch Stout

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Taking another opportunity to crack a local, or at least nearby, beer while enduring our isolation. This time I propped up the iPad and shot one of my “One Take Beer Reviews.” Odd Side Ales is located in Grand Haven, Michigan, between Holland and Muskegon. They were established in 2010, but have just recently been... Read more »

Local Beer Review: Mikerphone Double Blue Hast Mich

Local Beer Review: Mikerphone Double Blue Hast Mich
Grabbing another local brew to talk up while we’re hunkered down at home. I admit I have been picking the less-expensive beers from the shelves. I still have other things making more of a demand on my beer money. So they can’t all barrel-aged “whalez.” But I hope they’ll still be worthwhile. This is from... Read more »
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