Craft Beer Preview: Dogfish Head Campfire Amplifier

Craft Beer Preview: Dogfish Head Campfire Amplifier
Dogfish Head Campfire Amplifier

My apologies to anyone who has tried to read these beer reviews with a video component, and found the link doesn't work. YouTube or the nabobs of Chicago Now have again screwed up the way the article editor interacts with YouTube links. This article may be good to go, but I suppose I'll have to go through my old articles and update them.

Also, Google is trying to be more sticky about YouTubers (hey, I'm a YouTuber! I feel so hip!) declaring whether their videos are a paid promotion. I'm not sure whether this video qualifies. My only "payment" is free beer, which I usually, but don't always, taste for a video. I'm hoping it's enough to say that this was sent to me by the brewer, or their PR rep, for my comment.

That said, this is the second of two beers sent to my by Dogfish Head Brewery of Delaware. I tslked about their earlier delivery, Costumes and Karaoke, here (and this link is working okay).

Campfire Amplifier is a S'Mores flavored milk stout. I've had various iterations of "S'Mores" beers, with varying additions of marshmallows, graham flour, cocoa, and whatnot. This one goes a little further, with actual graham crackers in the kettle, plus vanilla beans and cinnamon. That would put it into the "pastry stout" arena, though it's not as strong as other pastry stouts, at 6.5% abv.

So what's under the cap? There's a fizzy soda pop type head over a slightly bright stout beer. The smell of marshmallow and vanilla is first thing I caught, then a bit of the cocoa nib.

The vanilla and marshmallow figure at the first taste, too. A bit of a different malt feel, perhaps from the influence of graham crackers. The cocoa and cinnamon are a little hard to spot, let's just suppose they're part of the overall picture. I had an impression of more alcohol than a beer at this strength should have, but not overmuch. Perhaps there's just too much put in to the beer for any one addition to thrive.

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