A Break with Epic Burger's Shakes

A Break with Epic Burger's Shakes
The S'Mores Shake at Epic Burger, West Loop. Photo: Mark McDermott

Because I am a beer blogger, I get put down as a “food blogger.” And somehow I am an “influencer.” So first off, thanks to all of you who come and read this.

Epic Burger, the Chicago-based gourmet hamburger chain, has debuted a milkshake bar across its eight area locations. To mark the occasion, they've added a selection of "Epic Shakes" in popup style to supplement the standard hand-dipped vanilla, chocolate, etc. So I was asked to come in and try their Epic Shakes. And a burger, of course, because I need some protein to balance. And to talk about it.

Epic Burger

The base Epic Burger. Photo: Mark McDermott

First off, the Epic Burger. My choice of wheat bun choice arrive with a shine of butter and some oatmeal flakes on top. I asked for grilled onions, so I kind of cheated myself out of being able to describe the burger's aroma. The patty is about four ounces, slightly thick, but griddled for a slightly crispy edge. The presentation includes plenty of curly-edged leaf lettuce. I didn’t ask for a “doneness,” so it came with just a little pink in the middle of the patty. I did ask just for the "Epic Sauce;" no ketchup or mustard. The  sauce, along with the burger's juiciness, obliged me to hold it upside down. Meat itself is subtly seasoned, no obvious salt or pepper. This is another of the great burgers that hath been wrought by the current trend in gourmet burger chains.

The server brought out the "Gimme S'Mores" shake just as I was about done with the burger, and, um, just look at it in my "hero shot" above.

It's not huge as some fancy shakes go, and for that I thank my stars. I think you can see the  chocolate on the bottom, and I got marshmallow as the first thing in my straw. Then the ice cream, which is sufficiently thick that I need some effort to pull it up the straw. So I eat the s’more to give it time to warm up. Not a campfire s’more, with burnt edges, but what am I, picky? Just something cold, gooey and just right on a hot summer day.

Burger & Shakes at Epic Burger, West Loop

Strawberry Shortcake shake  at Epic Burger, West Loop

I don’t know why I am punishing myself by getting a second shake, but that’s what this is about. I walked out with the "Strawberry Shortcake," with pound cake and strawberries in the bottom, and strawberry cake sprinkles. Again, a chilly and creamy distraction, my one relief as I'm wandering around the West Loop, realizing that, um, my car got towed. Well, I got that resolved, so let's move on.

The other Epic Shakes include Nutella (Nutella and chocolate drizzle topped with crushed hazelnuts), Lemon Coconut (Dairy-free with coconut milk and lemon sorbet), and Coffe & Cream (cold brew coffee shake). Their standard shakes come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter, and they have floats, too.

Epic Burger has six locations in the city, and restaurants in Skokie and Evanston. All restaurants are cash-free; credit cards only.

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