NOW FREE Was: Tickets for Crap Beer Day? You Betcha!

NOW FREE Was: Tickets for Crap Beer Day? You Betcha!
Who's got the best 40s in town?

Change in Plans:

Due to low ticket sales, I've been informed that the Crap Beer Day is going to be a Free event.

It has been moved downstairs from Thalia Hall proper to Tack Room, Thalia Hall’s piano bar, same address and location, just different room in the venue. The event will now host a singalong with the Golden Horse Ranch Band, bocce ball from American Bocce Co., tunes spun from DJ Johnny Walker, bags, $1 beer, Tack Room cocktails and Dusek’s snacks. The event is now a free party. If you have already paid in advance, you will be refunded money at point of purchase to add to your Crap Beer fund. Further details at the event's Facebook Page. I am emailing all of you who entered the ticket giveaway to inform you that the event is now free to enter.

All of you fans of the craft (beer, that is), it is time to own up.

There is a cheap, macro brewed crap beer that still has your heart.

Maybe it's the beer your Dad let you sip as a teenager so you would be more cool about turning legal. ike my Dad did with his usual Hamm's.

Maybe it's your unshaken, yet untested, conviction that you could still slam through a 6-pack of "_____ Light" like you did at a friend's wedding reception.

I know this, because after over six years of blogging about "Bourbon Barrel Aged" this and "Double/Imperial" that, the two articles that still get the most views every week are my review of Walgreens Big Flats 1901 beer (also the only article people call me a "piece of crap" about), and my updates on the auction of the Meister Brau brand's trademark.

I will offer no shame for having enjoyed crap beers when I should have known better. I remember a hot evening at an actual motel roadhouse near the U.S. Penitentiary in Marion, where a cold Schaefer Light hit the spot so much better than the now forgotten line-and-salt flavored Miller Chill served by some pretty young ladies working for the distributor. I didn't say I had been in Marion or was visiting anybody there, that was just the nearest landmark.

Nor my visit to St. Petersburg — Russia, not Florida — where I checked out the selection of nasty Stepan Razin beers available in 2-liter bottles for under a dollar. But the airport there was also the closest I'm likely to come to a truly fresh draft pour of the original Czech Budvar Budweiser.

Why am I spilling my secret shame? To show that there should be no shame in attending Sunday's 2nd Annual Crap Beer Day at Dusek's Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport Street. Besides I've got a pair of tickets to give away.

As an antidote the the just concluded Chicago Craft Beer Week, Thalia Hall is hosting some very special specials on crap beer, served, if you like, with a  shot of  Chicago's Very Own Jeppson's Malört. Festivities begin at 5:00 pm. Here's what their news release has to say:

Cheap Beer and Metal. Remember why you forgot your freshman year of junior college!

Cheap Beer and Metal. Remember why you forgot your freshman year of junior college!

Ever wanted to enjoy the Champagne of Beers like you would enjoy actual champagne? Ball out with 40 oz. of Crap, that is A 40 of High Life with bottle service and champagne flutes for just $5. Chow down at the Crap Beer Day cook-in, plating some of the tastiest snacks that you can wash down with $1 Crap beers including Tiger, Old Milwaukee and Hamm’s. Other crap menu gems include a $3 Crap Shoot (a shot of Malört), a Ménage à Crap (i.e. a crap beer, shot of Malört and a hot dog for $8), or a Bucket of Crap with five crap beers for $10. Constructively channel your competitive nature against friends and strangers alike with classic backyard games like corn hole and bocce from American Bocce Co. while the band Hairbanger's Ball belts out epic hair-metal anthems live onstage. 

Tickets for this event are $10 through TicketWeb. 21 and over, duh!

But the PR folks for Thalia Hall know I'm a sucker for a free ticket promotion. So I have a pair to hand out. I had wanted to require entrants to post a selfie of themselves with their favorite crap beer, but that would require jumping over to my Facebook fan page. Better to do my usual procedure: Go to this Google Form link to enter your name, an e-mail address, and the name of your favorite crap beer. No one else will see your entry, though I might total up the crap beer choices.

The contest is open now until noon on Friday. So be sure to include an address you can check during that afternoon.


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