Philippine Typhoon Fundraiser at Fischman Liquors

This came to me from one of the many respondents to my Bourbon County Stout giveaway. It missed the events calendar, so I'm giving it some play here, being as it's for a good cause!

Wednesday, November 27
6:00 - 9:00 pm ♦
Fischman's Liquors & Tavern, 4776 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago (773) 545-0123
As you already know, the Philippines experienced a great deal of devastation and adversity this past week. However, Chicago is making a great effort in relief and making a presence overseas to provide as much aid as possible. There is a significant amount of work and assistance needed to help those struggling in the hardest hit areas of the island and it will require a great amount of resources to recover. With just a small token of monetary assistance in the U.S., it makes a great impact of value in the Philippines.

This event will commence before the day we reflect on the things we are most thankful for. We can all celebrate early and at the same time pledge to a cause that will make a difference in someone else's life halfway across the globe.

We acknowledge those in not only the Filipino community but the entire Chicago Community for all the effort and assistance thus far. And we hope you are able to make a presence with us at Fischman’s for just one of many relief events taking place.

We assure you that 100% of all proceeds will go towards The Masonic Services Association Philippine Relief Fund. Our priority is to make sure that funding is delivered to an organization of validity and reliable to account for ALL proceeds going to those under distress.

Fischman’s Tavern provides a great selection of beverages including a great variety of craft beers. They have been very generous in contribution to provide the venue and a food truck.

FOOD: Isla Pilipina (cooking food out of the Wagyu Wagon!)
BEER: Stone Brewing, Half Acre, Ale Syndicate

ONLY $7.00 for two tickets. One ticket will be good for one beer or one plate of food.

RAFFLES will be held over the duration of the evening and the DJ(s) will be playing a great variety of music for your entertainment and dancing needs.

If you have arrangements already or attending other benefits, please feel free to stop by. Invite your friends and family!

We appreciate and look forward to those who can attend and help the cause. With just the smallest capacity for us to make a difference we'll make a lifetime difference for those in the Philippines.

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