Craft Beer Review: Revolution 3rd Year Beer

Craft Beer Review: Revolution 3rd Year Beer
Revolution Brewing conquers some taps this week!
Confession time: I have a huge backlog of beers and notes that I keep intending to review, some of it locals that I bought myself, some nationally distributed brands that I promised a mention for. Let me try to break my writer's block by writing up a beer that I just had not 30 minutes ago and rushed home to talk about.

This March, or hereabouts, is Revolution Brewing's 3rd anniversary. As is custom, they whipped up a special anniversary brew which: the imaginatively named "3rd Year Beer," available on draft only, was part of a Tap Takeover today at Standard Market in Westmont. You can even snag some tonight if you just caught this. Or on Wednesday the 20th, it'll be on tap at Tribes Alehouse in Mokena, plus the Bean Gene, Anti-Hero IPA, Bottom Up Wit, Double Fist, Eugene Porter, A Little Crazy, and Cross of Gold. Not to mention Pipeworks Something Hoppy This Way Comes and Local Option's Dampf Loc. On Thursday, March 21, head to World of Beer in Naperville, where 3rd Year Beer is pouring with TV Party, Rosa, and Double Fist. I just found out about these today, too late for Sunday's Calendar article, but Your Beeronaut is taking care of you!

So what is the 3rd year Beer? As Revolution describes it:

To commemorate our 3rd year anniversary we brewed this hearty wheat barley wine with piloncillo sugar and aged it for 4 months in Appleton rum casks. The result is something special; layers of caramel, molasses, toasted malt, oak and warmth. Cheers!

So with a few minutes to spare, I hied myself over to Standard and snagged myself a 10 oz. pour (for $6, not bad) in a stemmed glass. I was presented with a deep, murky brown colored beer with a thin layer of foam on top of it. The smell is actually light for a beer that lists at 11.2% abv. While a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot loads up with hops, this one is content to let the malt sweetness play in. The dominant nose I got was a bit of fruity esters. But in my mouth, it is a big beer indeed. The mouthfeel is nice and thick, like a raisin syrup, with notes of cherry flavor. There is some rum to it, but very much in the background. The alcohol is there, and starting to warm my toes, but not overbearing. Because of its wondrously thick mouthfeel, it's hard to do more than sip this beer a bit at a time.

Too bad I didn't think to take a pictures of… well, a glass of beer. But I'm a little more conscious of us annoying foodies who take pictures while we eat. Besides, the beer was served in a Solemn Oath glass. No need to confuse the issue.

Revolution's 3rd Year Beer has been reported at Revolution itself, both the Kedzie Taproom and the Milwaukee Ave. brewpub, and in handy bottles to take home, as well. It's also been seen in bottles at Binny’s Lincoln Park, and will no doubt be a feature of any Revolution events for the next few months.  I say it's worth seeking out!

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