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Beeronaut's Chicago beer events, May 31-June 2

Beeronaut's Chicago beer events, May 31-June 2
Finally a chance to take a breather following Chicago Craft Beer Week, and the Memorial Day weekend, where this week’s Monday events are, if you’re looking. In fact, Fountainhead announced they’ll be serving the beers leftover from CCBW starting Monday, chances are many other establishments might be doing the same. Tuesday, May 31 8:00 p.m.... Read more »

Beeronaut's Memorial Day weekend: May 28-30

Beeronaut's Memorial Day weekend: May 28-30
We’ve already listed events for Friday in coverage of the last day of Chicago Craft Beer Week. So let’s run down the schedule for Saturday through Monday: Featured Event: As if CCBW didn’t leave you groggy, Saturday brings us: 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. Delilah’s Lambic Beer FestivalDelilah’s, 2771 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago (773) 472-2771 Delilah’s... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Week closing events, Friday, May 27

Chicago Craft Beer Week closing events, Friday, May 27
I hope everyone has survived to the end of this town’s biggest beer event. I’ve been reading more about problems with the CCBW Passports, in that they didn’t really offer much in the way of discounts. Haymarket brewmaster Pete Crowley responded in a letter to the Chicago Beer Society listserv, pointing out that restricting admission... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Week events, Thursday, May 26

The much-longer-than-seven-days Chicago Craft Beer Week, sponsored by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild only slows down slightly today before the big finish on Friday. As usual, I’m listing all events going on this day, and noting the ones that require a CCBW Passport. Some bars were listed in the article for last Thursday’s opening events,... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Week events, Wednesday, May 25

Chicago Craft Beer Week shows no signs of slowing down. Many of these events were just announced Monday, as I’m writing this up! Again, the official CCBW events may require use of the CCBW Passport, and I’ve tried to indicate the ones that do. Others are hanger-on events, or regularly-scheduled events that just happen to... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Week events, Tuesday, May 24

All right. I have 30-count ’em-30 events on the calendar, and not all of them are officially tied in the Chicago Craft Beer Week. An article by the Chicago Tribune’s Josh Noel notes that in order to get on the event list,bars had to pay a $250 fee and get a stack of Passports to... Read more »

Rapture Day Beer Review: Unibroue La Fin du Monde

Rapture Day Beer Review: Unibroue La Fin du Monde
Hey, it's 9:30 p.m. as I started writing this, and it looks like that so-called Rapture never happened. But hey, to paraphrase Alan Jackson, it's always "six o'clock somewhere." We still have Hawa'ii and Samoa to hear from. So I feel like breaking a beer out of my cellar, which may have to sustain me until the very end five months later. And which is the most appropriate beer for the end of the world...

Chicago Craft Beer Week, Monday, May 23

Hey folks, American Craft Beer Week may be over, but the events still pile on thick and fast for Chicago Craft Beer Week. Just look at everything planned for Monday (some of these are regular events outside the purview of CCBW). Bell’s Brewery DayMonk’s Pub, 205 W. Lake St., Chicago (312) 357-6665 In honor of... Read more »

Chicago Craft Beer Week events, Sunday, May 22

Hey, anything happen yesterday? No? Okay, good. The calendar for Chicago Craft Beer Week is a little light today. Maybe I can go to sleep early for once. Note that these are all the beer-centric events scheduled for today, not just the CCBW ones. 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Rapture Special at Tribes AlehouseThe Tribes Alehouse,... Read more »

Chicago-American Craft Beer Week events, Saturday May 21

I guess a lot of people may be expecting to be taken up by “The Rapture” today. If you want some advice, please consider: The cheesy posters I’ve seen at Zondervan show the “saved” drifting through the sky with no clothes on. That looks like a long, cold ride. You may be glad you had... Read more »
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