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High School: Is Technology to Blame for Students’ Diminished Capacity to LISTEN, COMMUNICATE, and ABSORB!!!

Every once in a while I like to take a break from my normal sports highlights, rants, and teachings in order to cover something a little bit off my usual track. Usually, the inspiration for these off the beat writings comes from something I have read or recently observed, and this time is no different.... Read more »

The Twelve Weeks of Basketball Christmas

I always get players (and coaches) asking for how they can improve any number of different skills or strategies. Everybody`s “wish list” is a little different -some are thoughtful and some are…interesting. Players usually want to know how to increase their vertical, or dunk in no time flat. Rarely do they ask how to execute... Read more »

Four Areas That Can Help End The "Burnout" Syndrome

Do you have concerns over sports burnout happening to your kids? Are there areas of focus that can help create and maintain a young athlete’s interest and involvement in sports? I believe that there is, and I address this issue in the ParentHood section of WePlay’s Expert Advice for Sport Parents in my piece titled: When... Read more »

The Inside-Out Principle of Motivation Discussed by Lisa Cohn, Dr. Pat Cohn, and Kirk Mango

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with sports psychology expert Dr. Pat Cohn and his sister, award winning writer Lisa Cohn, regarding my ideas on the benefits of an “intrinsic value” (internal) belief system toward sports participation. It was an honor to speak with both of them on a topic such as this since... Read more »

Coming From The Athlete's Perspective

Photo courtesy of Frank Angileri Whether demonstrated through government policies, or just interwoven through our current American culture as a whole, there seems to be a certain sense of entitlement that’s developed, gaining a little more strength as each decade passes. It is an attitude that consistently questions what it is others can, and/or should,... Read more »

Jaylin Fleming: The Nation's Finest 10-Year-Old Basketball Player - WOW!!!

In today’s Chicago Tribune, Anne Stein highlights the exceptional talents of a very young and rising basketball star (can you be a rising star at 10?) in her article The Best 10-Year-Old Basketball Player in America. On the current online version of this story, they have a video demonstrating Jaylin’s basketball prowess, along with comments... Read more »

What We Truly Want to Teach and, in the End, Really Want "Them" to Learn

As a 30 year veteran in education, 17 years of those coaching, I believe there to be great intrinsic value gained through participation in competitive sports, that is, if an athlete holds the right attitudes and perspectives and puts forth his or her highest efforts. It is certainly a major focal point in my book and... Read more »

College Recruits Getting Younger and Younger: Kindergarten the next great recruiting venue!!!

Ok, let me make sure I have this right. According to ESPN Los Angeles, Sills, 13, commits to USC, and MaxPreps, Delaware seventh-grader is a USC commit, we now have 13-year-old student athletes making college commitments. Is this for real? Do 13-year-olds even know what size underwear their mom buys them, let alone what... Read more »