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Shock Hits Athletic Community as Wrestling Chopped From 2020 Olympics

Sitting at my desk, just about ready to leave the office and start class (I teach), my cell phone rings. I pick it up checking to see who might be calling (with the likelihood that I will just let them leave a message) and notice it is my brother. Rare to get a call from... Read more »

NCAA Champion Anthony Robles: A Man on a Mission Has No Bounds

Inspiration, motivation, desire; three almost interchangeable terms which hold the power to move us from where we are to where we want to be. Like a smoldering, yet ever-present fire, sometimes white hot in intensity, the significance of these terms to the overall theme of becoming the best one can be simply cannot be denied.... Read more »

High School: A Wrestler's Awe-Inspiring Demonstration of Inner Will, Determination and Grit - Fine Example for All

Back in May of 2008 (on my original blog), and in March here on Chicago Now, I posted a short piece on a very special wrestler from Ohio.  One thing that made this wrestler so special was his willingness to take on what many would say were insurmountable odds to become a state contender in his weight class in wrestling -... Read more »

Loophole In High School Athletic Code Sends Wrong Message!!!

Nazareth Area School Board to consider revisions to code of conduct, published at, details what can happen when consequences for athletic code violations are not fully thought through. Two wrestlers at Nazareth Area High School (Nazareth, PA) were charged with “possession with intent to distribute marijuana” last summer and were to be suspended from... Read more »

Arizona State Wrestler Anthony Robles Wins Division I NCAA Championship With One Leg

Arizona State Wrestler Anthony Robles Wins Division I NCAA Championship With One Leg
It never ceases to amaze me how some athletes are able to find ways to overcome challenging obstacles that stand in their way. In fact, they don’t even see their circumstance as an obstacle but simply as a piece they must work through, even turning what most would view as something insurmountable into an advantage.... Read more »

Moral Dilemma Causes Top Iowa High School Wrestler to Default, Won't Face Girl

As a supporter of equal opportunity, and one who has raised two girls through high school and college sports, it is disheartening to see situations arise in high school sports where this equal opportunity causes a moral dilemma for some. Such is the case with an Iowa high school wrestler (Joel Northrup), one favored in... Read more »

Video Demonstration of a "True Champion"

My coauthor, Daveda Lamont, sent me the link to this youtube video depicting what she felt exemplifies many of the principles discussed in our forthcoming book Becoming a True Champion: Achieving Athletic Excellence From the Inside Out. I wholeheartedly agree! Dustin Carter truly demonstrates an awe inspiring commitment to becoming the best he can be.... Read more »