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Almost Fist Fight At Youth Soccer Game - Radio Spot On AM 1230 WFAS in New York

What a great discussion I had with Let Them Play host Coach Tony Fiorino regarding the confrontation he had with a parent on the opposing sideline at his daughter’s youth soccer game. It was a pleasure speaking with him about the incident as we entertained and addressed comments from individuals who called in. If you... Read more »

Not World Cup But Tempers Flare At 9 Yr. Old Youth Soccer Game: DON'T MISS THIS STORY & RADIO SHOW

Yes, skirmishes between adults do occur at prestigious events like the World Cup, however, ever hear of a fist fight breaking out at a youth sporting event? Well, that is exactly what happened this past weekend at a girls youth soccer game. When parental emotions run high during competitive events involving their own kids, volatile... Read more »