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The Future of Illegal Performance Enhancement

If the recent Lance Armstrong debacle proves anything at all, it shows us that there are athletes out there who will stop at nothing in order to WIN. They will lie, cheat, attack others (both in suit and publicly); you name it, all to protect the illusion of that “gold” medal…and all the trappings that... Read more »

Sports & Steroids: Jon Rankin’s ESPN Piece “It’s Up to Athletes to Clean This Up” Partially on Target

In his piece, It’s up to athletes to clean this up at, Jon Rankin takes issue with the USADA and WADA in regard to their use of “testimony of witnesses rather than test results to validate claims of Armstrong’s use of drugs.” He called it “contradictory to the ideal of fair play that these... Read more »

Olympics: Dr. Stan Frager, Dr. Joy Macci, Kirk Mango, and Trainer John Abdo, Discuss Their Take on the Olympics.

What a great experience, being able to discuss the Olympics with two sports psychologists and a trainer who have all worked with elite athletes. Our discussion not only focused on what it takes to become that good and what that caliber of athlete has different than others, but also the controversy with steroids and other... Read more »

Olympics: The London Olympics Set to Begin And Doping is Already Part of the Landscape

Let’s start this piece with a number, say…107!!! Those of you following the London Games (opening ceremonies tonight) and the stories of doping that are almost a virtual certainty with elite level athletes these days, probably know what this number represents. If not, well…107 is the number of “hopeful” Olympic athletes who have been caught... Read more »

Future of Illegal Performance Enhancement is Likely Super Hi-Tech Through DNA

Athlete:  Hey, do you have anything new that will give me an edge over the competition in the upcoming Olympics next year? I need something different, better than what everyone else is using to catch up. Scientist:  Well…there is this DNA manipulating IGF-1 stuff that has been known to increase strength threefold in mice. It... Read more »

WADA: It’s Still a Cat And Mouse Game With PED’s, Athletes, And WADA

So the game continues. A recent article in Reuters, Doping-Undetectable new blood boosters available says expert, discusses the fact that new ways to fool PED tests and testers are always on the horizon. In fact, with EPO like substances increases oxygen carrying red blood cells), it is not just on the horizon, it is here.... Read more »

British Drug Maker, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), To Help World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

In a recent Reuters article, GSK signs deal with sport’s World Anti-Doping Agency, Kate Kelland highlights the agreement between WADA and GlaxoSmithKline that allows GSK to “supply WADA with confidential information about medicines in early stage development that may be abused by athletes once licensed…” What this does is allow WADA to develop testing methods... Read more »

Shame On ESPN's Tim Keown For Writing Such A Piece: "NFL and WADA? No thanks"

I can’t believe Mr. Keown is actually serious with this stuff: “You want to destroy the NFL as we know it? If you collected 20 of the smartest sports minds in the world to address that question, it wouldn’t be long before someone would stand up and say, “‘I’ve got it. This is the worst... Read more »

Top Doping Agencies (WADA, CCES, USADA) "Challenge" UFC's Claim Of "Toughest Drug-Testing In North America"

In an article titled Fighting-Anti-Doping chiefs say UFC must get serious, the global news agency Reuters reported that: “The Ultimate Fighting Championship claims to have the toughest drug-testing in North American sport but doping officials disagree and have challenged them to get serious about ensuring their sport is clean.” However, it is implied throughout the... Read more »