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Supporting a Cause That Matters: Downers Grove South H.S. Demonstrates The Connectedness Between Us All

In my post last Friday (Transcending the Athletic Arena:  Stricken High School Athlete Receives Warm Welcome), I relayed to you a heartbreaking story about Katie Vree; a young, healthy high school girl, and volleyball athlete, who contracted a strange virus last spring. According to the story in the Chicago Tribune, the virus attacked her spinal... Read more »

Transcending the Athletic Arena: Stricken High School Athlete Receives Warm Welcome

It’s stories like this that make me believe in the human spirit, the connectedness between us all, the utter and overwhelming feelings we have toward others when tragedy befalls someone through no fault of their own.  We, as a people, as a country, are quickly able to relate to another’s plight, especially when that plight... Read more »

Difference Between Training and Working Out, Something The Best Athletes Know!!!

  Being a physical education teacher, and former coach, at a prominent high school in the suburbs (an area surrounded by highly successful athletes and programs) gives me ample opportunity for contact with coaches who truly understand the “path” toward success. Regardless of what sport they coach, I consistently find beneficial pieces within their rhetoric... Read more »

Illinois High School Fall Sports Coming: Are You Ready???

As September approaches and summer comes to a close, many high school students have started preparing themselves for the upcoming school year. High school athletes have to be particularly cognizant of their groundwork (especially incoming freshmen since they have yet to enter H.S. life) if they have any plans on trying out for a fall... Read more »

Title IX: Boston Globe Piece Supports Positives For Girls (And Boys) In Sports

Many argue, myself included (The Benefits of Competitive Athletic Sports Participation), that there are great benefits for those who participate in competitive sports as they grow up. Further, that these benefits not only center on healthy physical, mental/emotional, and social development, but go beyond the athletic field by creating successful attitudes and providing life lessons... Read more »

Part II: Connecticut Federal Court Rules Cheerleading Not A Sport - WHAT???

Continuing our discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport, or better, what truly makes any activity a sport, I think it best to build from that first part of the definition detailed in Part I – “to be a sport, an activity must exist primarily for athletic competition against other teams…” Within that partial sentence... Read more »

Part I: Connecticut Federal Court Rules Cheerleading Not A Sport - WHAT???

Very little aggravates me more than someone creating rules, making judgments, or defining something when they are lacking in the expertise and credentials to do so. Such is the case with the recent ruling in Connecticut, Is cheerleading a sport? (Omaha World-Herald article), where a federal court judge ruled that cheerleading is not a sport.... Read more »

Part II: Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Etc. - Riding The Wave of Inconsistency

In continuation of Part I, so would there be a change in the “wave of inconsistency” in team sports if team sport athletes brought to their training table the same perception, attitude, and focus that a very consistent individual athlete brought to their table? I mean does it really matter whether the skill set a... Read more »

Part I: Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Etc. - Riding The Wave of Inconsistency

Often I hear team sport athletes talk about how difficult it is to perform their skill set in competition on a consistent basis. I have frequently witnessed many of them (team sport athletes and even entire teams) ride a wave of inconsistency, playing well one night and completely opposite the next. Think about this yourself,... Read more »

College Recruits Getting Younger and Younger: Kindergarten the next great recruiting venue!!!

Ok, let me make sure I have this right. According to ESPN Los Angeles, Sills, 13, commits to USC, and MaxPreps, Delaware seventh-grader is a USC commit, we now have 13-year-old student athletes making college commitments. Is this for real? Do 13-year-olds even know what size underwear their mom buys them, let alone what... Read more »