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Olympics: Olympic Badminton Competitors Demonstrate How NOT to be a True Champion

Seriously‚ĶI had to do a double take on the headline, Olympic badminton teams disqualified for throwing matches. This is so contrary to sport, I am not sure where to start. For those of you not aware, according to the vast information available, four badminton teams were disqualified from the Olympic Games for throwing matches, including... Read more »

Sports: Unsportsmanlike Conduct by an Adult (Coach) at its Finest!!!

With over two million plus views on YouTube, the recent video of a hockey coach tripping an opponent (two actually) during the handshake line at the end of the game has certainly gone viral. Take a look: He was subsequently arrested after parents called police. According to this report at CTV News in British Columbia... Read more »

High School: It's Just Our Imagination That Behavior at Youth Sports Events Isn't Getting Out of Hand

So you think all this hoopla about crazy unsportsmanlike behavior is not getting out of hand at youth sports events? Watch this: Just two questions. Where are the coaches? Why are they not both out there helping to try and control their own teams? Definitely not a pretty sight from my perspective, how about yours?

Wow, A Little League Baseball Injury Turns Ugly - Lawsuit Pending

WKYC TV in Cleveland Ohio reports that a father is suing an opposing team’s coach after the coach allegedly told his pitcher to throw at the father’s son on his second bunt attempt during a game this past June. The pitch hit the batter, breaking two bones in his hand.   Here, check it out:... Read more »