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Pro Before Pro, Following The Dollars Into High Profile Amateur Sports

One of the big news stories in amateur sports this past fall focused on the Cam Newton scandal and that $180,000 his father allegedly requested from Mississippi State for Cam’s commitment there. The idea of using a child’s athletic talents for one’s own personal gain certainly smells of exploitation, something frowned upon by most. As... Read more »

Should College Athletes Get Paid Beyond Scholarship? Bill Plaschke From the L.A. Times says NO, I AGREE!!!

The recent allegations against Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, his father’s supposed request for $180,000 from Mississippi State during recruiting, and speculation as to why he chose Auburn over the Bulldogs when his first choice was to play for coach Dan Mullen at Mississippi, has again brought supporters of paying college athletes out of the woodwork.... Read more »

Tiger Woods Move Over: Ben Roethlisberger & Lawrence Taylor Take Personal Character To An All Time Low

Ok, let me make sure I have all of this right. First we have golf’s premiere player Tiger Woods taking advantage of his star power, and admitted feelings of entitlement, in order to “cheat” on his wife; and not once or twice but numerous times with numerous women. (Something I detailed extensively in my piece... Read more »