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ESPN’s Radio Show “Hey Coach Tony,” with host Tony Fiorino, Discusses Title IX After Boy Breaks Girls’ Swim Record

On Tuesday, December 6th, I opened my email to find a note from ESPN radio show host Tony Fiorino (Hey Coach Tony) stating the following: “We all know that Title IX was originally created to allow for some equality between male and female athletes and the opportunities afforded to them.  However, recent events, like a... Read more »

Pacific Legal Foundation Weighs in on Title IX and their Law Suit

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The above video further details the ongoing issue with Title IX interpretation and implementation at the high school level, specifically with high school sports. Weigh in (using the comment section below) on this important topic as the impact of what happens will surely be felt all across the country.

USA Today Highlights ASC Suit Against Title IX Enforcement

In continuation of my most recent post, Title IX and High School Sports in the News, last week’s USA Today article, Advocacy group plans Title IX lawsuit over high schools, states that the ASC (American Sports Council), formerly the CSC, will seek legal action against the Department of Education based on their belief that application of... Read more »

Title IX and High School Sports in the News

A recent article in the SportsTribune (Battle over high school girls sports participation levels far from over) brings to light a brewing issue regarding Title IX and high school sports. It is claimed in the piece that the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) has charged “12 school districts throughout the country – including locales in... Read more »

Part II: Equality through three prongs

Guest Post From: Kristine Newhall Last week marked the 39th anniversary of Title IX. A consistent message is sent every anniversary and this year was no exception: Title IX has done a lot for women; there is still plenty left to be done. True. One of the many of the responses by those who remain... Read more »

Title IX and the reverse discrimination argument

Guest Post From: Kristine Newhall The recent fight to restore men’s track at the University of Delaware has raised some compelling questions about administrative transparency, athletic department priorities, and–of course–Title IX. My focus here is on the last, specifically the discussion about the legislation that has emerged since the announcement of the team’s elimination in... Read more »

New Guest Writer, Kristine Newhall, To Contribute Articles On Title IX Issues in Sports

I am pleased to introduce Kristine Newhall as a guest writer to The Athlete’s Sports Experience. Her interest in, and experience with, Title IX issues will bring an important and unique dimension to this blog as she (from time to time) will contribute informative and timely pieces on matters pertaining to men and women in... Read more »

Title IX: Boston Globe Piece Supports Positives For Girls (And Boys) In Sports

Many argue, myself included (The Benefits of Competitive Athletic Sports Participation), that there are great benefits for those who participate in competitive sports as they grow up. Further, that these benefits not only center on healthy physical, mental/emotional, and social development, but go beyond the athletic field by creating successful attitudes and providing life lessons... Read more »

Part II: Connecticut Federal Court Rules Cheerleading Not A Sport - WHAT???

Continuing our discussion on whether cheerleading is a sport, or better, what truly makes any activity a sport, I think it best to build from that first part of the definition detailed in Part I – “to be a sport, an activity must exist primarily for athletic competition against other teams…” Within that partial sentence... Read more »

Part I: Connecticut Federal Court Rules Cheerleading Not A Sport - WHAT???

Very little aggravates me more than someone creating rules, making judgments, or defining something when they are lacking in the expertise and credentials to do so. Such is the case with the recent ruling in Connecticut, Is cheerleading a sport? (Omaha World-Herald article), where a federal court judge ruled that cheerleading is not a sport.... Read more »