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Could Be A Tough "Look Back" For Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Brian Cushing, Manny Ramirez, Marion Jones, Floyd Landis, And The Like

To Reflect:  “intransitive verb to think seriously, carefully, and relatively calmly” as defined by MSN Encarta. It is a term referring to deeper thought over one’s previous actions or life experiences–at least that is the connotation I would like to use here. And it is something most of us are likely to do, at some... Read more »

Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel Supports Joe Lukens' Sports Leader Program: A Mission Toward "Virtue"

I recently received an email from a contact of mine, Juliet Cassell of The Educated Sports Parent, regarding a website and program she felt I really needed to check out. Knowing my emphasis on building the athlete from the inside out (and how important that is with regard to the choices and actions one takes),... Read more »

Lawrence Taylor, Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, A-Rod; Asks The Question: "Does Sport Participation Build Character?"

In a recent article, Does Sport Participation Build Character?, written by Rob Haworth, Assistant Superintendent of Valparaiso Community Schools, Mr. Haworth raises some pretty thought-provoking questions regarding character building: Did sports participation build the character of the professional football player who funded a dog fighting ring? Did sports participation build the character of the high... Read more »

Have We Truly Lost Perspective In Our Sports And Youth Sports Culture: Poll

I refer a lot to the loss of perspective, at least that I see, in sports today on my blog here at ChicagoNow. It does seem that barely a week goes by without hearing at least a few stories that involve poor character choices by athletes, unscrupulous, exploitive behavior by someone involved in sports, unsportsmanlike... Read more »

Are Elite Level Athletes Born Or Made: Find Out Here!!!

Tony Fiorino (host of the Let Them Play radio show in Westchester, New York) and I had a great conversation this past Sunday regarding whether great athletes are born that way or become that way through efforts many don’t see. Several excellent email questions prompted our discussion. Listen in to the archived show and give us your thoughts.... Read more »

Great Athletes - Born or Made? Have An Opinion? Debate the Question on Tony Fiorino's Radio Show WFAS AM 1230, Let Them Play, Out Of Westchester, New York

Tony has graciously asked me to discuss the premise behind the two-piece article I recently published on my blog, Part I: FourFourTwo Soccer (Football) Magazine Details “The Talent Myth” In Sports (Part II Here). The Premise of the article:  It is practice and opportunity that leads to athletic greatness, not talent. It should be a... Read more »

Former NFL Pro Football Offensive Lineman Rich Garza Talks To Athletes About "Choices"

An article in the Southeast Missourian, Former NFL player talks to local athletes about making right choices, details Rich Garza’s visit to Southeast Missouri State’s baseball team last Monday. His purpose, to teach athletes that what happens to them in life is really all “about choices.” Garza clarified for these ball players the idea that... Read more »

Autistic Player Scores: High School Football Coach & Team Make A Dream Come True

Last February, as the Tiger Woods debacle continued to unfold, I wrote an article (The Tiger Woods Apology: Please, Enough is Enough!!!) depicting how absurd it was to be giving such elaborate attention and airtime to his story of infidelity. Especially when there are so many more positive sports-related stories out there, ones with real... Read more »

Floyd Landis, Tiger Woods, Lawrence Taylor, Alex Rodriquez, Etc.: A "Tough" Life!!!

As a high school physical education teacher (former athlete and coach) at a prominent high school in the suburbs, I have the wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and debate thoughts with those of similar background. These are individuals in charge of, or involved in (at one time or another), successful high school athletic programs; some... Read more »

Tiger Woods Move Over: Ben Roethlisberger & Lawrence Taylor Take Personal Character To An All Time Low

Ok, let me make sure I have all of this right. First we have golf’s premiere player Tiger Woods taking advantage of his star power, and admitted feelings of entitlement, in order to “cheat” on his wife; and not once or twice but numerous times with numerous women. (Something I detailed extensively in my piece... Read more »