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Top Doping Agencies (WADA, CCES, USADA) "Challenge" UFC's Claim Of "Toughest Drug-Testing In North America"

In an article titled Fighting-Anti-Doping chiefs say UFC must get serious, the global news agency Reuters reported that: “The Ultimate Fighting Championship claims to have the toughest drug-testing in North American sport but doping officials disagree and have challenged them to get serious about ensuring their sport is clean.” However, it is implied throughout the... Read more »

The Athlete's Sports Experience Steroid Poll: Should Illinois Test High School Athletes For Steroids?

In January of 2008 the IHSA implemented a plan to randomly test high school athletes for steroid and other performance-enhancing dietary supplements. This is done for teams and individual athletes who qualify to the state finals in their respective sports. (A little different than my suggestions in my most recent piece Patriot Ledger Takes A... Read more »

Patriot Ledger Takes A "Steroid" Testing Poll: Should High School Athletes Be Tested For Steroids?

Connected to a recent presentation at Quincy High School (Massachusetts) titled Quincy students given a lesson on dangers of steroids, the put out a poll asking; Should High School athletes be tested for steroids? So should they??? Tough question. In short, I would say YES!!! As long as three things occur: 1. It is random... Read more »