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The Heart Of A Champion Athlete Takes Many Forms

We have all seen it, right? You’ve probably come across it as a spectator, or maybe as a competitor, where an athlete, or team, demonstrates an immeasurable amount of inner will and determination that lifts them above and beyond insurmountable odds. A kind of superhuman perseverance you might say. Like when the U.S. Olympic Hockey... Read more »

High School Summer Basketball Program Philosophy: You Decide

In reference to this piece, Coaching The “John Wooden” Way: High School Coach Encouraging “The Right Stuff,” what do you think of coach Olson’s emphasis in his summer basketball program? Take the poll to see what others say. poll by

Coaching The "John Wooden" Way: High School Coach Encouraging "The Right Stuff"

With the recent passing of coaching great John Wooden, and the ever present “winning at all cost attitudes” and entitlement exploits of too many elite athletes (things Coach Wooden would certainly frown on), I find it refreshing to bring something more positive to the table this summer sports season. School’s out and summertime brings with... Read more »