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Henry Jackson High School (Washington) Cheerleaders Suspended For Hazing

Follow @KirkMango   Recently reported at, Henry Jackson High School Cheerleaders were suspended for “conducting initiation rituals in violation [of] the district’s athletic code.” These suspensions were due to what was called “hazing” type behavior which included making newer squad members “wear diapers,” shooting “them with squirt guns” and hitting “them with hot dogs.”... Read more »

High School Sports: Athletes And Alcohol In The News...AGAIN!!!

Photographs, originally on Facebook, of 11 athletes in possession of alcohol and/or tobacco were recently turned over to Melrose High School (Melrose, MA) administration as reported by According to information currently available, suspensions of these athletes could reach 60% of their athletic season, along with other possible consequences. Here is the news story direct... Read more »

Burroughs High School Baseball Coach Gives Beer To Student Athletes Ending Their Season

With the number of years I have taught and coached (30+ years teaching and 17 coaching), with many as a head coach, it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some people, especially those who should know better. Such a case of imbecilic behavior, downright ignorance really, took place recently at Burroughs High School... Read more »

Texas State Championship: High School Hockey At Its Worst!!!

If you are still on the fence as to whether high school sports has the ability to send the wrong message as much as it can send the right message, you might want to take a look at this:  (WARNING:  Profanity)   And don’t miss the more comprehensive video in the story in the link below where a... Read more »

Tiger Woods Move Over: Ben Roethlisberger & Lawrence Taylor Take Personal Character To An All Time Low

Ok, let me make sure I have all of this right. First we have golf’s premiere player Tiger Woods taking advantage of his star power, and admitted feelings of entitlement, in order to “cheat” on his wife; and not once or twice but numerous times with numerous women. (Something I detailed extensively in my piece... Read more »