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Alabama Loses Sugar Bowl But Quarterback AJ McCarron a Man of Character

My main alliances, when it comes to collegiate sports, center on my alma mater (Northern Illinois University) and the universities my two daughters attended and finished out their respective sports careers (Marquette University and the University of Louisville). Other than that…I pretty much root for the underdog in most competitive sporting events…especially in college football.... Read more »

Poll on Terrelle Pryor, Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes, & The Sugarbowl

In continuation of my piece Quarterback Terrelle Pryor & Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes Suspended By NCAA!!!, poll by

Quarterback Terrelle Pryor & Four Other Ohio State Buckeyes Suspended By NCAA!!!

So you want another example of how $$$$ have corrupted the deeper meanings that once brought pride to those who achieved great things in sports? How one’s sense of value and perspective get bent out of shape when financial rewards take precedence over expectations and “rules” of the game. You don’t have to look any... Read more »